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Elon Musk the idiot: a Podcast on Marketing

16 Dec

Elon Musk the idiot:

a Podcast on Marketing

In this latest podcast we discuss Elon Musk and his behaviors. Marketing strategies and the ugly duckling he calls a truck.

Free Producttivity App: Textkraft Pocket for iOS

25 Sep

Being productive is the Cornerstone of achieving your goals along with being organized. So get this free app and get busy!

Click pic for download

Infographic: Selling on Social Media (via huddled.co.uk)

31 Jul

Social Media is moving to the forefront of business.
Heck who am I kidding- its been there.
So here is another infographic to help your business grow.
I know I’ve been on a streak with these but the feedback has been great, and sometimes when I type less, we all learn more.


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