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Silver Is Your Friend- Hedge Inflation, Beat the Market

20 Jul

silver-bullion.jpgFolks you can buy what you want.  Live how you want.

In my mind there is a great way to live and spend money.

Silver bullion and or graded numismatic coins will help hedge against inflation.

Want to beat the market?  I don’t know the route you want to take- I use silver to make my fiscal future secure.

Join me by clicking the pic.

And folks- if you are iffy on this do your research- I dare you.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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In the Red Corner – Gold Bullion vs. Certified Coins

1 Jan

In the Red Corner – Gold Bullion vs. Certified Coins.

BY Mike Getlin | September 29 2011 1:18 PM

We gold bulls have been licking our wounds over the last few weeks. This summer’s intense upward price movement set the stage for major volatility on the precious metals markets, and long term gold investors are stuck riding out the storm, at least for the moment. Yesterday however, something was brought to my attention by someone out on our trading floor. One of his clients who bought a diversified investment grade coin position early in the month was actually dead even on his overall position. While gold had tumbled by over $300 per ounce, his coins had stayed right where they were showing him no loss whatsoever. Needless to say, this needs a bit of explaining.

Image 23 Jun

Numismatics compared to bullion. Hat tip to @rayhigdon aka Ray Higdon.
Amazing how the same products value can be manipulated.


Image 2 Feb

Buy the best. You’re worth it.
(Click the pic)

Image 31 Aug

Take what little savings you have left and buy silver!
(Click pic for video)

(Source: rtsp://v2.cache3.c.youtube.com/CjgLENy73wIaLwlQyX2CpQEkBBMYESARFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSB3Jlc3VsdHNg36Tx4JfdxK5ODA==/0/0/0/video.3gp)
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