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Watch “How to get rich slow” on YouTube

23 Jul

Small scale wealth building steps.

Start somewhere. Numismatics are pricey but worth it if you buy right.
These are just junk silver and antique coins with some decent value.
I bought a little above where I probably should have but I am betting against the market, aka hedging it when I buy coins like these.

The bottom line is you need to make moves.
Small or large, just make it happen.

Stocks, crypto, coins, real estate, collectibles, pick your poison and get going.

Silver Is Your Friend- Hedge Inflation, Beat the Market

20 Jul

silver-bullion.jpgFolks you can buy what you want.  Live how you want.

In my mind there is a great way to live and spend money.

Silver bullion and or graded numismatic coins will help hedge against inflation.

Want to beat the market?  I don’t know the route you want to take- I use silver to make my fiscal future secure.

Join me by clicking the pic.

And folks- if you are iffy on this do your research- I dare you.


No one goes to the Olympics for silver.

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