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Traffic’s irrelevant.

13 Aug

Traffic’s Irrelevant.

Ok. Its a total reversal. But traffic is pointless. I think I learned this in two places:
-Ray Higdon.
(@rayhigdon follow and tell him I sent you) Ray Higdons doing away with online affiliate marketing to be his best in one place and one place only.

-And my closing three new students in a week on the strength of my blog.
I’m not an A student. I’m not magna cum laude.
I don’t pen prolific prose at the drop of a dime. Or as it tickles my fancy.
However I do pour my heart into my posts. And yup I missed a few days. Life got hectic.
Injuries, family, moving, bah.
No excuses.
I dropped the ball. What did I learn? Nothing. I just remembered that even Jordan missed shots. Yup, old #23.
So I quit.
I’m not buying SEO. I’m not giving freebies to lure clients. I’m not bribing, buying, or doing the things we do to win. I’m not going to do much of anything. I’m simply going to blog. And do it to the best of my efforts. And I’m going to learn. So I blog better. So you surpass me. So you make it to the top. I won’t lie. I like to win. I love reaching my goals. But when you get there too; or even before I do. That’s better than fine cognac. Its a taste of heaven. And the internet is forever. So my victory will be as well. Shoot for the moon, and get to Mars. The stars’ll always be there.

To close this one out let me make one more point. Missing shots and keep takin’em- its a big deal. Its almost key. However. Being Authentic is the cats meow as my cousin would say. You see I blog what I like when I like. And I blog ME. Any point I make I agree with or will tell you why not. Every I article I write comes to me out of my own little methodology. I stick with my wits and my pen. Well, blackberry these days. I type what’s real. I don’t do fluff pieces or take article gigs. I only write for me and my followers. And of course the people I mentor. They have made me much sharper and I’m blessed to have them.

And so my friends remember:
These two things will sharpen your skills and resolve while increasing your success and personal growth. And in the end you can’t get one without the other. Grow, give. Grow. Give. And all the while; Keep It Real.


“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose– a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”~
Mary Shelley

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