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Limits are for fools

24 Jan

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
Bruce Lee

Live Brolic!

Quality Kills Competition

21 Jan

I was running errands and decided I wanted a vegetable patty from a family owned establishment that makes beef, veggie, and chicken patties.
The whole menu is only10 items.
And there was a crowd as well.

So what are the lessons here:

The product is the best I’ve ever had and the Sunday line is always out the door when area churches close.
The menu items are all made fresh daily as well.
That is a great selling point in my opinion as I hate frozen food and preservatives.

*Fair Pricing aka value
Over the last decade the price has barely gone up.
Now maybe you’re thinking – bro they make it up on volume!
Damn right!
And how is that a problem?
It isn’t.
Also if they buy in bulk it isn’t a problem.
Based on the crowd I see every time I go their pricing must be great.
And from what I’ve paid their “competitors” I know it is cheaper.
Which leads to the next point-
They are offering an incredible value based on their target audience, and area.
This is just solid business.
Offer the fairest price you can while still creating value, and of course putting some coin in your pocket ;).

*Narrow Focus
This may be the smartest thing they do- and that we all should as well as entrepreneurs.
As the business flourished there wasn’t a massive push to expand their product line. Nope, they just stuck to what works.
A lot of small businesses want to expand product lines and SKUS but this can clog production and throw customers for a loop.
As the old saying goes, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

If your main tee line sells 500k units as is- maybe switch the color palette, not add new designs that are risky.
If you sell rims for trucks, skip doing air flow systems.

Every business grows around the moves the boss makes.
So be sure to make your best moves- no half stepping!



5 Oct


Life is short. Its the journey not the destination. Just do it. Have no regrets.
Well, we’ve all heard these and many more and as cute as they sound or as quick and as well as they pull our hearts strings there is a silent truth that runs even deeper.
A truth that only you will know.
Only you can find.
Anything worth doing will draw you in. Indeed you will be sucked to the very middle of the creative vortex in your search for greatness.

And in this search I urge you to Find Your Fuel. What do you love? Why do you love it?

What do you think of when you go to bed at night, and when you wake in the morning?
These questions should not require pause or thought. Indeed if you can not answer me in the blink of an eye you have wasted years I’d wager.

Finding your Fuel is about more than why you do something. Its about who you are. The collective of the infinite that is your every waking moment. When you are not of one accord- mind, heart, and flesh- you are not whole. In effect you have self-neutered. Is this what was in your dreams as a child? I’d bet not. Finding your Fuel is all about the all. To Find your Fuel eclipses even the nominal- ‘what is your why.’
Your Fuel is quite literally the stuff, the moxy, that will let you self-sacrifice. It is what the true leaders had or have. True Fuel ignites a fire and a passion so deep that it was burning before you were born and gets stronger whether you ignore it or fan its flames. The only question is will it be the wind in your sails or the breeze denying you safe passage?
Only you can decide this. Life requires you to move and move well and even if you are late to set sail there is time. Your fuel will make a lifetime pass in an instant. And it will make a lifetime worth it. Feeding your Fuel is like consumption and consummation. First you are consumed and enraptured with one idea. One goal. One pursuit. One dream. After that you consummate the deal. You commit. You love it like the wife in Proverbs 31. You are it. One flesh, one journey, one dream. That is FINDING YOUR FUEL!
It is simply about seizing the dream. There is an answer that already lies within you and you simply have to heed the call.
No purpose is served by you being less than great, and to assume your calling is not to magnificence is foolish.
Be the best. Be who you are.


“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”. -Jim Rohn

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ZEEK REWARDS SHUT DOWN!!! (a quick lesson)

19 Aug

(a quick lesson)

So Zeek Rewards and their mlm model and bid site and sale site are shut down.
A Ponzi scheme the Attorney General said. Interesting. Now there are many people signing petitions to get back in. A fellow network marketer I know had about eight grand in Zeek and was doing a couple hundred a day in income. He even made twelve hundred dollars in one day! However he never took his profits out. He let it “keep bubbling” as he put it. Now he will get his money back most likely and no profits.
Now I’m not here to malign the company or my friend. Or even prey on those Zeek people who still need a good opportunity.
I just want to discuss a few parameters and educate my readers.

So let’s let this ramble and you guys guide me with your replies.

-Lost credibility.
The guy who brings you into this venture, if it was zeek or any other may have lost credibility now. And this will largely depend on how he got you to join and how he mentored you. If he did the quick sale and sold you pipe dreams you probably resent him now. In all fairness people you are to blame. First his sales pitch, speech, spiel etc is wrong. He should have been teaching and guiding you into a point of being a pro at the venture and any others you go to. That’s a leader. That’s the guy you join. He is a mentor. Second if you fell for a quick, no need to recruit business you got had- by your greed. Zeek had a three tier sponsorship/buy-in. So how did u make $$$$ without getting in the ppl at the top? Yup, I looked at zeek. And put no money in. It didn’t look kosher. I won’t plug my venture here. Its not the time. But I will say that when you do network marketing- and you DON’T NETWORK- you will LOSE. Sorry. Its true. Get on the phone. Meet and greet. Make the commitment and you won’t have to worry about their credibility or yours.

-Never promise the sky.
I don’t care if you work for the FAA- never promise more than you can deliver. I had a teacher say always promise less and deliver more. The reason being that if you do less they expected that. If you do more they are pleased. Once you promise the best output you have to deliver. Now I say aim for that. That’s smart. Its feasible. However you need to set achievable goals. And make only promises YOU can keep.

-Who did they want to recruit?
Zeek sounded awesome. Money with no effort or just a few messages and emails and even more money. Now if Zeek recruited anyone who bought the dream they were going to lose anyway. You don’t recruit the last place guy to play in the USA team in the Olympics right?

-Who do u recruit?
*Listeners. The people who don’t ‘know it all.” The people who will listen and ask questions. They grow. They yield results.
*Those willing to fail. Sorry but failure is part of growth. Every toddler falls while learning how to walk. Every runner loses a race. The hungry get up and learn to cook. They catch a meal and cook it. Same in business. The ones who want it will get it. I’ve only grown out of hunger. And failure. Failure has made me a better man than I could explain in 5 blogs.
*Those willing to put the work in.
You don’t get rich doing nothing. You get rich working. You get a house by building it. And the same in a business. Put in the sweat equity. Put in the hours blogging. Let yourself be a slave to your tasks. The guy who practices makes his shots. The guy who gets six rings is Jordan. He trained HARD. Tiger Woods: TRAINS SUPER HARD. You make 0% of the shots you don’t take. So practice taking those shots. 3000 practice shots gets you key tournament shots. Go for the gold. In network marketing- speak to every stranger you SEE!! And remember:
Everyone wants to play, no one wants to lose.


“Some people claim that it is okay to read trashy novels because sometimes you can find something valuable in them. You can also find a crust of bread in a garbage can, if you search long enough, but there is a better way.”—Jim Rohn

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Think, Plan, Do. Review. (hat tip to Privilege)

17 Aug

Think, Plan, Do. -Review.
(Hat tip to Privilege)

I love this idea.
The concept, the simplicity, the eloquence.
This is a plan for any and everyone. Whether you are an artist, in the NBA or the NFL- this four step plan is concise and fluid. Now let’s dig in.

Every step, every journey begins with a single thought. The mind settles on an objective and moves forward. Sometimes you don’t see it or feel it. Yet you will respond. You will achieve. And the best part is you did without doing. This is good. The question is how do we make this a fluid aka. continuous motion?
Easy- plan ahead.
When you make plans you clear the mind.
When you make plans you are free to react. Removing the need for thought by having a predisposition of action leaves you available to DO. Fireman drill drill drill, and then drill. So in the heat of the moment- pun intended- they can ACT.

We touched on this already but it’s integral. When you have an idea, you have a start. But when you layout a plan, especially on paper you have triumphed already. A plan gives you the edge. How do you make one? Write out the steps in chronological order of what needs to happen and then see what you would like to happen. Every rapper wants the deal first but that’s not viable. So they need a plan- a scheme to follow to know how and when to do shows, media blitzes, social marketing appearances and studio time. Also when you set a plan you know not only what steps to take and when- but also what is missing. Many times when we set out to accomplish something we forget steps. (Hint- when you write a paper, speech or article, read it aloud and see how it flows and what’s missing. Works for students, moguls and millionaires alike.)
So write it out, read it, and get advise on it. Always ask for help ppl.

Get it done. Nothing else to say. Sorry folks but without action there is no satisfaction. There is failure though. Poverty and misery too if you like. So what will you DO? Act people. My traffic went up four thousand percent when I committed not just money- but TIME aka EFFORT to it. That’s right: 4000%. I’m still a small fish but its a big pond and I have room to grow. Are you doing enough or did you quit?
Resting on your laurels?
See you later.

You have your concept. You have your plan. And your doing daily. Making moves, succeeding and seeing small gains. What more can you do? Review your efforts. Make sure you aren’t slacking. You know what I mean people. A little effort and we get lax. A little success and we get a head full of helium and do less than the case calls for. A good work ethic is key but constant review will make sure you are focused and grounded. If you are focused on sales and or recruiting you need to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. In a venture I’m involved in I can track my campaigns and see what approaches work and which don’t. Its great because if my capture pages don’t convert the evidence is there and I can adjust accordingly. This makes business a breeze. Now some people don’t want to have failure slapping them in the face- Sorry folks. We all make mistakes and catching them sooner makes you successful faster. You will also be better and wiser. So the loss is not there. Know what works and what doesn’t. Then move forward. Success is a journey and sometimes we step back to move forward.


“Give whatever you are doing and whomever you are with the gift of your attention.”
~Jim Rohn

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Traffic’s irrelevant.

13 Aug

Traffic’s Irrelevant.

Ok. Its a total reversal. But traffic is pointless. I think I learned this in two places:
-Ray Higdon.
(@rayhigdon follow and tell him I sent you) Ray Higdons doing away with online affiliate marketing to be his best in one place and one place only.

-And my closing three new students in a week on the strength of my blog.
I’m not an A student. I’m not magna cum laude.
I don’t pen prolific prose at the drop of a dime. Or as it tickles my fancy.
However I do pour my heart into my posts. And yup I missed a few days. Life got hectic.
Injuries, family, moving, bah.
No excuses.
I dropped the ball. What did I learn? Nothing. I just remembered that even Jordan missed shots. Yup, old #23.
So I quit.
I’m not buying SEO. I’m not giving freebies to lure clients. I’m not bribing, buying, or doing the things we do to win. I’m not going to do much of anything. I’m simply going to blog. And do it to the best of my efforts. And I’m going to learn. So I blog better. So you surpass me. So you make it to the top. I won’t lie. I like to win. I love reaching my goals. But when you get there too; or even before I do. That’s better than fine cognac. Its a taste of heaven. And the internet is forever. So my victory will be as well. Shoot for the moon, and get to Mars. The stars’ll always be there.

To close this one out let me make one more point. Missing shots and keep takin’em- its a big deal. Its almost key. However. Being Authentic is the cats meow as my cousin would say. You see I blog what I like when I like. And I blog ME. Any point I make I agree with or will tell you why not. Every I article I write comes to me out of my own little methodology. I stick with my wits and my pen. Well, blackberry these days. I type what’s real. I don’t do fluff pieces or take article gigs. I only write for me and my followers. And of course the people I mentor. They have made me much sharper and I’m blessed to have them.

And so my friends remember:
These two things will sharpen your skills and resolve while increasing your success and personal growth. And in the end you can’t get one without the other. Grow, give. Grow. Give. And all the while; Keep It Real.


“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose– a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”~
Mary Shelley

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