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5 Oct


Life is short. Its the journey not the destination. Just do it. Have no regrets.
Well, we’ve all heard these and many more and as cute as they sound or as quick and as well as they pull our hearts strings there is a silent truth that runs even deeper.
A truth that only you will know.
Only you can find.
Anything worth doing will draw you in. Indeed you will be sucked to the very middle of the creative vortex in your search for greatness.

And in this search I urge you to Find Your Fuel. What do you love? Why do you love it?

What do you think of when you go to bed at night, and when you wake in the morning?
These questions should not require pause or thought. Indeed if you can not answer me in the blink of an eye you have wasted years I’d wager.

Finding your Fuel is about more than why you do something. Its about who you are. The collective of the infinite that is your every waking moment. When you are not of one accord- mind, heart, and flesh- you are not whole. In effect you have self-neutered. Is this what was in your dreams as a child? I’d bet not. Finding your Fuel is all about the all. To Find your Fuel eclipses even the nominal- ‘what is your why.’
Your Fuel is quite literally the stuff, the moxy, that will let you self-sacrifice. It is what the true leaders had or have. True Fuel ignites a fire and a passion so deep that it was burning before you were born and gets stronger whether you ignore it or fan its flames. The only question is will it be the wind in your sails or the breeze denying you safe passage?
Only you can decide this. Life requires you to move and move well and even if you are late to set sail there is time. Your fuel will make a lifetime pass in an instant. And it will make a lifetime worth it. Feeding your Fuel is like consumption and consummation. First you are consumed and enraptured with one idea. One goal. One pursuit. One dream. After that you consummate the deal. You commit. You love it like the wife in Proverbs 31. You are it. One flesh, one journey, one dream. That is FINDING YOUR FUEL!
It is simply about seizing the dream. There is an answer that already lies within you and you simply have to heed the call.
No purpose is served by you being less than great, and to assume your calling is not to magnificence is foolish.
Be the best. Be who you are.


“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”. -Jim Rohn

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