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Monday Minute: How to close a prospect know their name

26 Sep

Know the prospect by name. 

Now if you are anything like me you’ve read 1000s of articles on how to prospect, how to close, and Market yourself and your business. 

And there’s one thing that comes up repeatedly and that is to know the person by name

I personally find it quite aggravating that someone will know a derivative of my name but not my actual name. 

Here’s an example someone will say ‘hey Anthony’ but the name is actually a Antonio. 

Now if you want to close someone they have to feel you know them. And if you don’t know their name- you don’t know them at all folks

There is literally no excuse not to remember a name. Now you can tell me you’re bad with names, you have no short-term memory, excetera, excetera. All you did was give me excuses. All you did was lose the prospect or sale. 

Now here’s a trick: As soon as you meet someone use their name in a sentence right away. 

Here’s another trick: If you exchange business cards on the back of the card write their name and something about them. Example: Johnny loves cars. Johnny was a ballplayer. This will be something you can refer back to.  It also makes them a real person.  When you write things down you will remember them better.  In fact I would bet this is true for 95% of the population.

Whether you’re trying to build a big team, trying to close the policy, or trying to sell a car- you have to know their name.

 I can think of about 10 people who I know by name who get my name wrong and it just gets under my skin! Needless to say they did not get my business or my support or my signature or any of the things they were looking for. But you know what they do have? A negative connotation attached to them in my brain-which you never want to happen in sales or recruiting or prospecting. Never.


Easy Recruiting Step 1 

26 Aug

It doesn’t matter if you have the best mlm,

Or the worst direct marketing company. 

The key to success,  indeed it’s lifeblood is recruiting. 


Now I have a super secret, super simple tip to double if not triple your recruiting. 

Know your recruits name. 

Know it’s spelling, tone, gender tonnage Et al.

I’ve had a  few jobs in my lifetime. 

And what always annoyed me was when my name was spelt or said wrong. How can we do business regardless of the field if you don’t know my name? 

There is money in Trust. But I won’t trust a man or woman who doesn’t know how do you say or spell my name. 

Or my nickname.

Yes money moves that simply. Are you looking to dominate the market? Or are you looking to be a paycheck slave?

Am I a jerk? 

Think I’m wrong? 

Comment and explain how. 

Best answer showing I’m a jerk will get accolades galore. 

Just Walk Across the Room

19 Sep

Just Walk Across the Room.

A lot of people have fears.
Fear of rejection.
Fear of success.
Fear of failure.
Fear of fear.

However the biggest issue here is that the fear is talking. And in any venture you just have to WALK ACROSS THE ROOM.
Start the dialogue and let the cards fall where they may. Let’s examine a few. examples shall we.

-Procuring funding is an arena where you can’t hide. To get an angel investment or even a Kickstarter one you have to be seen, be heard. People want to know what makes your idea better. I don’t even give to a charity I don’t believe in. I want to know how they spend, where they spend, and salary breakdowns. Its prudent to not waste your money so I don’t.

-Recruiting is a numbers game no doubt about it. It requires greater exposure, and more courage and cunning. However to gain the numbers you have to reach your desired pinnacle people have to know you.
WALK ACROSS THE ROOM. Meet them head on. To gain the value you seek you must lose the fear. Speak to strangers everyday. Speak to coworkers and classmates daily. There is a way to beat the game. Its called WORK. If you talk to ten people a day you will win. And even better the more you do this the easier it gets. And as my mentor says- who cares if they say no?

-Closing is key. And yet again it requires you get in front of the people. You can’t seal the deal on the net. Okay, maybe you can. Yet ever notice how much business is concluded on golf courses? Quite a bit. It is the sport of presidents, gentlemen and kings. And its also an equalizer. To close on a golf course brings a zen like atmosphere to many tense agreements. Now I’m not saying you should take up golf- but it wouldn’t hurt. People want to be closed, they need to be closed. And for that they need YOU. Give them what they want. Closing is a fine art and I won’t delve into it here. I will say that it requires a personal touch. Get involved, stay involved. And once they sign- give them more attention. Team building is an active sport not a passive one.

-Love requires a true touch. The lover must be known to the other. And this is a perfect example. To gain requited love you must be genuine. You must be real and authentic. The love of your life won’t be snowed. She or he won’t fall for a guise. You have to be just who you are. And this a perfect analogy for my network marketers.
People aren’t buying the product.
They aren’t buying the compensation plan.
They are buying you.
Sell them the dream that is you not the smoke cloud. Let them know you. Why? Easy. If you lie it will ruin you. A lot of Zeek people lost their down lines forever. Not purely their fault but they lost in any case. However the leader that builds for and with his team will have a team built for longevity. Show them you. Even the faults- not appearing weak per say- but the real you. They will follow. And you will lead.

Be your own ambassador.


“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances,
Be more active, Show up more often.” 
-Brian Tracy 

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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ZEEK REWARDS SHUT DOWN!!! (a quick lesson)

19 Aug

(a quick lesson)

So Zeek Rewards and their mlm model and bid site and sale site are shut down.
A Ponzi scheme the Attorney General said. Interesting. Now there are many people signing petitions to get back in. A fellow network marketer I know had about eight grand in Zeek and was doing a couple hundred a day in income. He even made twelve hundred dollars in one day! However he never took his profits out. He let it “keep bubbling” as he put it. Now he will get his money back most likely and no profits.
Now I’m not here to malign the company or my friend. Or even prey on those Zeek people who still need a good opportunity.
I just want to discuss a few parameters and educate my readers.

So let’s let this ramble and you guys guide me with your replies.

-Lost credibility.
The guy who brings you into this venture, if it was zeek or any other may have lost credibility now. And this will largely depend on how he got you to join and how he mentored you. If he did the quick sale and sold you pipe dreams you probably resent him now. In all fairness people you are to blame. First his sales pitch, speech, spiel etc is wrong. He should have been teaching and guiding you into a point of being a pro at the venture and any others you go to. That’s a leader. That’s the guy you join. He is a mentor. Second if you fell for a quick, no need to recruit business you got had- by your greed. Zeek had a three tier sponsorship/buy-in. So how did u make $$$$ without getting in the ppl at the top? Yup, I looked at zeek. And put no money in. It didn’t look kosher. I won’t plug my venture here. Its not the time. But I will say that when you do network marketing- and you DON’T NETWORK- you will LOSE. Sorry. Its true. Get on the phone. Meet and greet. Make the commitment and you won’t have to worry about their credibility or yours.

-Never promise the sky.
I don’t care if you work for the FAA- never promise more than you can deliver. I had a teacher say always promise less and deliver more. The reason being that if you do less they expected that. If you do more they are pleased. Once you promise the best output you have to deliver. Now I say aim for that. That’s smart. Its feasible. However you need to set achievable goals. And make only promises YOU can keep.

-Who did they want to recruit?
Zeek sounded awesome. Money with no effort or just a few messages and emails and even more money. Now if Zeek recruited anyone who bought the dream they were going to lose anyway. You don’t recruit the last place guy to play in the USA team in the Olympics right?

-Who do u recruit?
*Listeners. The people who don’t ‘know it all.” The people who will listen and ask questions. They grow. They yield results.
*Those willing to fail. Sorry but failure is part of growth. Every toddler falls while learning how to walk. Every runner loses a race. The hungry get up and learn to cook. They catch a meal and cook it. Same in business. The ones who want it will get it. I’ve only grown out of hunger. And failure. Failure has made me a better man than I could explain in 5 blogs.
*Those willing to put the work in.
You don’t get rich doing nothing. You get rich working. You get a house by building it. And the same in a business. Put in the sweat equity. Put in the hours blogging. Let yourself be a slave to your tasks. The guy who practices makes his shots. The guy who gets six rings is Jordan. He trained HARD. Tiger Woods: TRAINS SUPER HARD. You make 0% of the shots you don’t take. So practice taking those shots. 3000 practice shots gets you key tournament shots. Go for the gold. In network marketing- speak to every stranger you SEE!! And remember:
Everyone wants to play, no one wants to lose.


“Some people claim that it is okay to read trashy novels because sometimes you can find something valuable in them. You can also find a crust of bread in a garbage can, if you search long enough, but there is a better way.”—Jim Rohn

Thoughts? Concerns?
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What’s your Conversion rate?

17 Jun

What’s your Conversion rate?

So today I’m going to cover a simple topic that many people overlook: conversation rates.
Let’s back up though. John doe the 3rd has joined the billion dollar mlm and is excited. They not only have 200 millionaires but they are publicly traded. And to really sweeten the pot they offer a dividend to stock holders! He sees a clear path. And he is excited and focused.
He made his goal list.
He meditates every morning.
He has made a warm market list but not badgered them.
So my regular readers see the pattern developing I bet… Wink. Wink.
So John the 3rd is on the right path. And he recently signed 3, you three new partners in the third week since he signed on. Now that he has activated and put a partner under a partner (important step because it shows your partners that you are serious in getting them successful as well) he is soaring high. Next week nothing.
Week after. Nothing.
Next month the same.
So now John is feeling frustrated. A normal response we all feel when building progressively toward any goal.

John was even prudent enough to start a blog to lure passively and show his progression and a path others could relate to.
However John the 3rd spent all his time trying to hook his “fish”. And he forgot the true art isn’t just in reeling it in but in tracking his results. Let me break it down. We all sign some and lose some. Nature of the beast I call it. And as my mentor @Rayhigdon aka Ray Higdon reminded me its always a numbers game. So with that in mind we habe to analyze the numbers and factuals that lead us to each sale, new partner, recruit, or simple attendee.
What did you say?
who did you approach?
What didn’t you say?
Did your blog really sign them or did your spoken words?
Did being a master inviter seal the deal?
Are you more effective currently by getting them to your highest upline?
When you speak do they listen?
Are the sizzle calls your best feature?
Is your product viable?
Do you sell product or the dream?
Do you know the difference?

You see there is a lot that goes into building your business. You have to know your product- ALWAYS. You can’t sell what you don’t know. Be it the product or company- LEARN IT ALL.

You must know your weaknesses. Everyone focuses on strengths. I beg to differ. Know what you CAN’T DO so you don’t waste time. This eliminates focus killers. Then when you are of a singular focus you will win.

If you invite better than close- DO THAT. We can’t all be the top of the food chain. Yet if you can be second to none are you not better? And yes I don’t like second place- it is the first loser. But when you start from that position you can watch a winner- and LEARN what YOU need to do.

All of that aside though- if you focus on the why’s. You will learn. Study what is effective. In a venture I’ve embraced only but six months ago I learned that what is sold isn’t as important as why. With the data provided me I see what campaigns work and which ones don’t. I’ve learned what to say and what I SHOULDN’T have. You see the raw data will lead to success faster.

Lastly. Your conversion rate will also state your effective rate. With this number you will know if you talk to seven people and only sign one, how many it takes to get to ten- give up? The number is a minimum of 70. If you have a blog post that gets three out of five- that blog has a sixty percent, yes 60% success rate. So if the one with a two percent, aka 2% rate was your favorite- you now KNOW what isn’t working.
Remember in business we focus on the results ot we work for the boss.

Have you made your choice?
Will you do the research?
Are you committed to living the dream?
If so let’s compare notes.

“Its never possible until you get it done.”
-CEO of Change In Advance.

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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