Easy Recruiting Step 1 

26 Aug

It doesn’t matter if you have the best mlm,

Or the worst direct marketing company. 

The key to success,  indeed it’s lifeblood is recruiting. 


Now I have a super secret, super simple tip to double if not triple your recruiting. 

Know your recruits name. 

Know it’s spelling, tone, gender tonnage Et al.

I’ve had a  few jobs in my lifetime. 

And what always annoyed me was when my name was spelt or said wrong. How can we do business regardless of the field if you don’t know my name? 

There is money in Trust. But I won’t trust a man or woman who doesn’t know how do you say or spell my name. 

Or my nickname.

Yes money moves that simply. Are you looking to dominate the market? Or are you looking to be a paycheck slave?

Am I a jerk? 

Think I’m wrong? 

Comment and explain how. 

Best answer showing I’m a jerk will get accolades galore. 

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