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Watch “The secret to success for small business owners” on YouTube

15 Mar

The secret to success for small business owners

I post quick crappy videos on instagram and youtube.

Yes crappy.

It is the message I want you to get not the frills and special effects.


Watch “The 3 keys to success for entrepreneurs” on YouTube

15 Mar

Quality Kills Competition

21 Jan

I was running errands and decided I wanted a vegetable patty from a family owned establishment that makes beef, veggie, and chicken patties.
The whole menu is only10 items.
And there was a crowd as well.

So what are the lessons here:

The product is the best I’ve ever had and the Sunday line is always out the door when area churches close.
The menu items are all made fresh daily as well.
That is a great selling point in my opinion as I hate frozen food and preservatives.

*Fair Pricing aka value
Over the last decade the price has barely gone up.
Now maybe you’re thinking – bro they make it up on volume!
Damn right!
And how is that a problem?
It isn’t.
Also if they buy in bulk it isn’t a problem.
Based on the crowd I see every time I go their pricing must be great.
And from what I’ve paid their “competitors” I know it is cheaper.
Which leads to the next point-
They are offering an incredible value based on their target audience, and area.
This is just solid business.
Offer the fairest price you can while still creating value, and of course putting some coin in your pocket ;).

*Narrow Focus
This may be the smartest thing they do- and that we all should as well as entrepreneurs.
As the business flourished there wasn’t a massive push to expand their product line. Nope, they just stuck to what works.
A lot of small businesses want to expand product lines and SKUS but this can clog production and throw customers for a loop.
As the old saying goes, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

If your main tee line sells 500k units as is- maybe switch the color palette, not add new designs that are risky.
If you sell rims for trucks, skip doing air flow systems.

Every business grows around the moves the boss makes.
So be sure to make your best moves- no half stepping!


Freedom Is

18 Jan

Nuff said.
Stop working for. 49-52% of your wages, and most likely despising it.
Now that’s the definition of insanity if I ever heard it.
Figure out what you love, and Monetize it.
There is always a way if you are willing to go hard and never quit.
Immediate decisive action on this path will lead to fulfillment, and income. 😉

Live Brolic!

5 Little-Known iPhone and iPad Apps for Startups

13 Nov

5 Little-Known iPhone and iPad Apps for Startups

Being a small business owner can be trying.  Times are tight, the economy is dreary, and you have to make every dollar stretch.  To add to the general mayhem you have all the day to day tasks of accounting, management, sales tracking and administrative needs on your shoulders.  Find this daunting?  Well I’ve got 5 iOS apps to make you more efficient.

Invoice2Go: This app lets you create invoices and estimates on your iPad and even your iPhone. You can make one complete list of all billable items and store them cohesively. Perhaps you might prefer the Receipts2go plugin to bill for items that are specific only to certain jobs or accounts. To top it all off your completed invoices can be printed right from the app or emailed if you are so inclined.

You can get three free invoices and after that its about 25.00 bucks a year for a 100 invoices.  By the way, you can even see your financials at a glance with this app.


Docusign Ink: No more printing and scanning with this app. Sign all sorts of documents electronically and save time you can use your phone or devices camera to take a picture of relevant documents or upload from a cloud drive- cool right?  Docusign Ink even converts documents easily so you drag and drop your signature. Simply save and send to complete the process.

Client forgot to sign? No problem, simply have them sign vial email. The catch is simple: unlimited documents can be signed for free.  However there is a limit of five additional signatories. After that they will ask you to purchase a plan starting at 15.00 bucks a month.

FYI- Doucsign Ink is also available on Android.

 Bento 4 for iPad: A recently redesigned personal database app that helps you present and organize data. What makes Bento 4 stand out from the crowd is that it allows you to combine tables and text fields with images by simply drag and dropping utilizing one of the 40 free templates.  Highly useful in multistep projects or sales meetings, Bento is quite versatile. With a price tag of 9.99 your wallet doesn’t get beat up either.

Concur: An organizational tool/app for frequent travelers. Manage your itinerary, book hotel rooms, check airline reservations. Concur is also great for tracking your expenses on the go.  Input information by hand, or use e-receipts. You can also scan receipts. Trips over? Concur will combine all the info into one cohesive expense report.  While the app is free on iPad and iPhone you will need to link it to a desktop Concur account.  This however is 8.00 bucks per person, per month.  A little more than some want to spend but a great report, and it’s a tax deduction I’d bet (See your CPA for that info though).  Concur is also available on Android for my so inclined cohorts.

Delivery Status Touch: Move a lot of merchandise? Delivery Status Touch can help keep track of them. 4.99, gets you an app that works directly with all of the major delivery companies/services and automatically gets information from Amazon, Apple and Google Checkout. As soon as a package is added it will appear on the the home screen. After that point you can track the progress of each and every package you have; coming or going.




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7 Tips to Handle a Part Time Start Up.

17 Jul

7 Tips to Handle a Part Time Start Up.

No prologue today people- straight to the meat. (Sorry vegans.)

1-Make a schedule and stick to it.
We all need a routine. Its a simple thing and most of us just assume going to work, then home, and errands in between is our routine. Wrong! Your routine is what you decide it consists of. I read early in the morning, check emails and then shower et al. After that breakfast and work. Then its home to change for gym. After gym I get dinner then prepare my next day. Lastly I write my articles before bed as I get a creative jones then. Find yours.

2-Do your research.
Know what you’re getting into. The time constraints, the costs, the locale- everything. In business what you don’t know can hurt you.

3-Find a balance.
Life can’t be all work and no play. And this is where scheduling comes in to play. Set aside time for work, your business, sleep, exercise, personal growth and sleep. Can’t find eight hours in a day for rest- think about why. And remember television is your enemy nine out of ten times.

4-Be patient.
Success can be slow. Like chasing down the love of your life. Put in the hours, keep positive and wait for the results. You will succeed if you are patient. Most people quit too soon. They stop a foot short of a diamond field while mining. Or they attempt to recruit everyone they know but two people. And those two that in their mind are solid NOs have the fastest growth. Also approach is key here. Don’t rush people don’t be rude and don’t be cynical. Patience can open a million doors. A simple rule I remember to use is ‘money comes with math and emotions’. And both take time!

5-Bank your profits.
Want to quit your job?
Hate doing sixty hours to your business and thirty five or more to someone else’s?
Remove your profits from your accounts. EVERY SINGLE CENT should go to an account you can’t cash out easily. These profits are not only your future, they are your freedom. Also each dollar that is accruing interest for you is like a little soldier building your fortress of wealth (Superman aint have one of those did he?).

6-Set flexible goals.
Don’t overburden yourself by making what isn’t feasible what you aim to attain. Simple and easy to do. Set small goals. Let those goals be what you can do. Once you obtain these goals you will not only build your confidence but you will have a chain of victories to show others and prove you can build, lead, and most importantly- DELIVER.

7-Take yourself seriously.
Hey folks if you don’t take you seriously I won’t. And neither will John Q public. Have a belief. Have a sense of being the winner. Know you are the best. Cultivate that mind set and remember always- Act As If. Simply put you must project success to succeed.
If you don’t believe you will win why should I? Why should anyone? What you deem factual is! So be the real deal.


“Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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