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Keep Moving forward!

24 Jul

I’vealways been a writer.

And as I get older I expand my portfolio of work.

Do what you love and never turn back.

(Pardon the sloppy screenshots)

Keep moving forward!

6 Question Interview with Craig Swole

18 Feb

In my efforts to bring you my readers great content that is useful and diverse I sought out a new interview format.

What I do now oftentimes is ask 6 questions- no more no less.

It is short and sweet.

And what’s more it is effective.

I don’t waste my subjects time, my time, and most importantly the time of my readers.

Craig trained with 6 time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and runs an instagram page with 144,000 plus followers.
Follow him on Instagram @craig_swole.

Below I bring to you:

6 Question Interview with Craig Swole
1) What are your thoughts on SARMS?
I took Sarms and on a period of just over 1 week I broke out in a rash on fingers and body plus feet Swole . So not good.

2) What does every bodybuilder need to succeed?
A Bodybuilder to succeed as a champion needs a good gym a good training partner and dedication with no distractions.

3) What do you think is your key to success?

I will never succeed as a Bodybuilder I don’t have what I takes.

4) What is the end goal for you business wise business wise?
I have no business in bodybuilding, my Instagram is there to post rare pictures and educate people in the sport either fans or pros can learn history from my posts.

5) Who is the #1 bodybuilder of all time?

Number 1 Bodybuilder has to be Arnold. Everybody knows Arnold.

6) What do you think of steroid use in the off season?
I don’t use steroids and couldn’t speak about them as I’m uneducated in that field .


This interview was done as I am huge fan of bodybuilding amd the lessons we as entrepreneurs can learn from them.

Interview with Alex Ardenti coming soon

20 Sep

Very excited folks.
The @alexardenti agreed to do an interview with me. As a huge fan of his work I reached out with a work sample and Alex graciously agreed.

The lesson here folks is you won’t get a yes if you don’t ask.

Another lesson is simply that if you look to work with the best you will become the best.

New interview: with the Owner of @myofactorsupplements

8 May

Okay folks today I have a different kind of interview.

I sat down with the Owner of @myofactorsupplements and did a quick interview on supplements and essentially his mindset.

As many of you know I love the supplement and fitness industries as well as being an entrepreneur- so in this interview I want you to focus on not just the advice but in how this man answers questions.

Without further ado:

What got you started in weightlifting?

I started lifting in 6th Grade. My mother did not want me to play any contact sports but I needed to do something. She gave me a booklet of local events for young kids and I happened to choose weightlifting. Loved it ever since!

How did you begin your research into meals, sarms, supplements and the like?

It started with my love for weightlifting and human performance in general. Once I started to learn the basics of lifting it lead me to learn about nutrition. Once I started to understand those two disciplines a little bit better I turned to supplements. In retrospect, it was a almost flawless start to my love of all this, though I wish I got a better grasp of nutrition earlier on as it truly is the foundation of performance. As for SARMs and supplements, my interest in science in general and how to even further push human limits got me there. I find it endlessly fascinating how everything works at the biochemical and molecular level.

Is fluid retention valuable only for visuals? Is it detrimental? This is a very risky question. Fluid retention is something that needs to be looked at on a spectrum. From a general health standpoint, a moderate amount of fluid retention is optimal. It keeps your body hydrated, joints lubricated, and blood pressure stable. Go too low, or too high, and fluid retention becomes a health risk. Even from a performance and aesthetic the same thing applies. Extra fluid retention may make a muscle belly look fuller or rounder, but noticeably less defined. However these “fuller” muscles like will be able to perform better because of the extra hydration and blood flow. Now that is up to a limit, as TOO much retention will in a sense drown cells or cause to much pressure to build up. As for glycerol as a supplement, it increases fluid retention for a short duration and only moderately. It’s mainly dragging water along with it into the cells of the body, temporarily increasing water retention. Remember everything exists on a sliding scale!
I ask because you mentioned it in a post on glycerol monosyearate.
Weigh in on the best type of creatine, in your opinion.

Its not my opinion, Creatine Monohydrate. The science is extremely clear on this. 5g-10g a day depending on muscle mass is more than enough to saturate the muscle holding capacity of creatine.

For new supplement users, what 5 supplements do they need?

I believe everyone should have their supplement needs individually assessed, as its not one size fits all when it comes to their needs. If I had to give a answer it would be the following; A quality protein (~20-25g/serving), Creatine monohydrate (barring any existing kidney condition), Beta-alanine, vitamin D, and CoQ10. Everything else I think needs to be taken on an individual basis.

Your opinion on sarms?

They’re great tools for muscle hypertrophy and strength. However they are very advanced tools that we are just really starting to get in depth and long term information on. I think there effectiveness is largely blow out of proportion, as well as their safety. However, as stated earlier, they make a very noticeable impact on ones body

Your opiniom om sarms vs steroids?
My opinion on these is irrelevant. When dealing with any sort of compound that has such a large impact on the body, it comes down to the individuals risk tolerance vs potential reward.
Break down myostatin for us.
Myostatin is simple. Its a “little” molecule that puts the breaks on muscle growth and proliferation. When it hits it’s receptor it up regulates some other receptors, factors, and genes, that ultimately tell the muscle tissue to stop making new fibers. On top of that, it tells muscle to stop making new protein to enlarge existing muscle fiber. Overall, pretty bad for hypertrophy. However, without myostatin you will likely run into the issue of unchecked rampant growth of cells which can cause a bunch of nasty disease states.
What is your favorite muscle to train?
I really look forward to back day, even though its probably my worst feature.
Best workout for gains in your opinion?
Intelligently done heavy compound movements. Deadlifts, Squats, rows, presses. Anything that incorporates multiple muscle groups and the core with sufficient load will maximize the stimulus for muscle growth.

Machines vs free weights?

Free weights all day. However many machines are great tools that can be used to great effect!

The Body Builds When It’s At Rest

17 Mar

The Body Builds When at Rest.
Simple concept but so overlooked.
Let’s preface a bit shall we.

When you’re bodybuilding there aren’t too many ways to the top. You have to do what works and that path is narrow with only one or two deviations.

And no matter what you need rest. The body needs down time. The biggest gains are made when we sleep not when we lift.

How does this correspond? Simple-
In business You can’t sell 24-7. Let me clarify. Your busioness can sell forever. Whether you are present or not- but YOU literally cannot.
It isn’t feasible or smart.
Should you be ready at a moments notice? Yes.
Can you pitch at any moment? I hope so. However to sell forever and go on without relaxing will ruin you.
Well if you are always in pitch mode you will badger people, aka lost sales. And those people will tell people. Word of your mouth will ruin you.

Next, if you aren’t resting you will miss opportunities. There are always options available, whether or not we see them is a different story. Be available to be sold to.
Be available to learn.
Be available to build.
When we aren’t available we lose out.

When you don’t rest and are on sell sell sell mode you can’t meet all the rigors of running a business. The mind is your greatest resource and as such it needs rest. It needs time to regroup, to sharpen it’s focus.
The mind won’t learn when it is always overtaxed by choice. The mind requires many things to function. Give your mind every advantage so you will not only succeed but conquer.

Lastly, when you sit back to rest you will see what is going on. The path will be illuminated. There aren’t too many ways to the top. And I know, most of you think- hey, bro- that’s bullshit. But it isn’t. I don’t care what your product is.
It has to be the best
or it has to be easily duplicatable.
And either requires you put in the man hours and give it your all.
Do you see the correlation?
NFL or MLB, both require the mind of a champion and the body to match.
Both facets also require rest.

Don’t be lazy now, just be time savvy.

Rest your way to the top.


“If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.”
~St. Clement of Alexandra

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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6 Feb


“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”

– Mark Rippetoe



29 Jan



Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take(So Is Your Business)

29 Jan

Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take(So Is Your Business).


Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take (So Is Your Business)


      Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take
      (So Is Your Business)


If you read my blog you will see I’m quite an enthusiast for bodybuilding and weightlifting in general. To me they are the
true athletes. These two branches of the same tree require more effort and longer time frames. They require an inner greatness most refuse to accept resides inside them. Indeed many people are afraid to rise to the greatness that is humanity at large. But I digress- what bothers me most is that people will blame everyone but themselves. Ever see the guy or gal who is in the gym 3 times week and has no results?
Its scarily normal. They do circuit training and read Men’s Health and all that jazz. Yet they stop there.
And this is why they fail. Your body will be no more than the path you travel. Simple. Easy. Factual. Your body is a manifestation of you. It is essentially you. If you are mad at your shape or lack of muscle tone you are to blame. If you are at your pinnacle, the zenith- then you win. You have done what you set out to. See me, I’ve been there. Thrice. And receded. Thrice. No good. The cool part is I don’t quit. I fight my way back repeatedly until I win. However my failures are my fault. I walked off my path. At one point I hit 293 lbs and flabby. And when I chose to fight I hit 243 in 3.5 months. Will power, did it for me. I had supplements and a good gym. And I changed my diet and eating habits. It worked; because I worked hard at being a better me. And when I wanted to benchpress 325 pounds with no help – I did it. ME.
You see the mind is a fickle thing. It requires you to believe in it. It requires your heart be part of the conspiracy. You see to get anything done requires a conspiracy. Now I don’t mean the negative birther kind.
Conspiring can be perceived as you and your mind and heart meeting to beat your body. And that isn’t bad. You may prefer teamwork as the term of choice. I say no.
We as people wanting to improve our bodies must conspire against our bodies.
Tom Platz said ‘Put Your mind in the muscle’. He is right (Fyi Mr. Platz is a world renowned body builder). To get his body right required his mind to be the best and the boss.

Okay I droned on enough. How does this all relate? Well, Your business won’t be more than you are. If your paperwork is shabby you lose. If your product is trash, find a garbage can. Not to be a jerk but your business is a result of the path you take; of the path you choose. You are in charge.
What growth you gain you manifest. Make a decision- stick with it. Be more than your idea. Be the boss. Be the fact. Be the fiction. Every business begins with a dream and from there you must make the rest balloon larger than reality. The path you choose is the only thing that will make you a success or a failure.
Simply put we get only what we put in. Leadership requires you lead.
Success requires you make moves.
What will you do?
Will you choose the truth? Or blame the economy?


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” –Napoleon Hill

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
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Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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