The Body Builds When It’s At Rest

17 Mar

The Body Builds When at Rest.
Simple concept but so overlooked.
Let’s preface a bit shall we.

When you’re bodybuilding there aren’t too many ways to the top. You have to do what works and that path is narrow with only one or two deviations.

And no matter what you need rest. The body needs down time. The biggest gains are made when we sleep not when we lift.

How does this correspond? Simple-
In business You can’t sell 24-7. Let me clarify. Your busioness can sell forever. Whether you are present or not- but YOU literally cannot.
It isn’t feasible or smart.
Should you be ready at a moments notice? Yes.
Can you pitch at any moment? I hope so. However to sell forever and go on without relaxing will ruin you.
Well if you are always in pitch mode you will badger people, aka lost sales. And those people will tell people. Word of your mouth will ruin you.

Next, if you aren’t resting you will miss opportunities. There are always options available, whether or not we see them is a different story. Be available to be sold to.
Be available to learn.
Be available to build.
When we aren’t available we lose out.

When you don’t rest and are on sell sell sell mode you can’t meet all the rigors of running a business. The mind is your greatest resource and as such it needs rest. It needs time to regroup, to sharpen it’s focus.
The mind won’t learn when it is always overtaxed by choice. The mind requires many things to function. Give your mind every advantage so you will not only succeed but conquer.

Lastly, when you sit back to rest you will see what is going on. The path will be illuminated. There aren’t too many ways to the top. And I know, most of you think- hey, bro- that’s bullshit. But it isn’t. I don’t care what your product is.
It has to be the best
or it has to be easily duplicatable.
And either requires you put in the man hours and give it your all.
Do you see the correlation?
NFL or MLB, both require the mind of a champion and the body to match.
Both facets also require rest.

Don’t be lazy now, just be time savvy.

Rest your way to the top.


“If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.”
~St. Clement of Alexandra

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