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6 Question Interview with Craig Swole

18 Feb

In my efforts to bring you my readers great content that is useful and diverse I sought out a new interview format.

What I do now oftentimes is ask 6 questions- no more no less.

It is short and sweet.

And what’s more it is effective.

I don’t waste my subjects time, my time, and most importantly the time of my readers.

Craig trained with 6 time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates and runs an instagram page with 144,000 plus followers.
Follow him on Instagram @craig_swole.

Below I bring to you:

6 Question Interview with Craig Swole
1) What are your thoughts on SARMS?
I took Sarms and on a period of just over 1 week I broke out in a rash on fingers and body plus feet Swole . So not good.

2) What does every bodybuilder need to succeed?
A Bodybuilder to succeed as a champion needs a good gym a good training partner and dedication with no distractions.

3) What do you think is your key to success?

I will never succeed as a Bodybuilder I don’t have what I takes.

4) What is the end goal for you business wise business wise?
I have no business in bodybuilding, my Instagram is there to post rare pictures and educate people in the sport either fans or pros can learn history from my posts.

5) Who is the #1 bodybuilder of all time?

Number 1 Bodybuilder has to be Arnold. Everybody knows Arnold.

6) What do you think of steroid use in the off season?
I don’t use steroids and couldn’t speak about them as I’m uneducated in that field .


This interview was done as I am huge fan of bodybuilding amd the lessons we as entrepreneurs can learn from them.


24 Mar


Dedication Determination, and Discipline will take you everywhere.




29 Jan



Quick Lessons from Conan the Barbarian

7 Oct

Quick Lessons from Conan the Barbarian

So I’m watching Conan the Barbarian and my readers know I’m an Arnold fan. Forget his personal drama but his story of success is mezmorizing and useful as a point of reference.

Conan practiced his arts regularly. Once he became a slave fighter he increased his skill set. He mastered different arts and fighting skills as well as writing, reading, and philosophy. Though only a slave he embraced these lessons to be his best.
Arnold did this to win Mr. Olympia as well. Over, and over again.
Practice makes perfect folks. Always in all ways.

-Steadfast Dedication.
Practice works but you have to commit. Steadfast dedication means you eat sleep and breathe your goals and dreams. There is no life that doesn’t stem from this mindset. Every action you take derives from it. This is the hardest obstacle. Its not making a decision, its sticking to it.

-Exercise Regularly.
Conan worked out. He practiced his grappling, sword fighting, and exercised a whole hell of a lot. So did Arnold. Any good Guru or leader knows what a true entrepreneur knows- exercise will change the paradigm of your life. It helps you grow, keeps you healthy and foments a mind that builds. Your body is a temple and as such requires you put in great effort. Yet the reward is greater. What you get out is what you put in.
As an avid body builder I’ve seen how it helps, I’ve lived it. In fact some of my best writing occurs when I’m in the gym. That’s true inspiration.

-Lead, Don’t Follow.
Conan, like Arnold lead by doing. Following is ok if you are a follower. Yet if you yearn to lead or feel its’ call- then heed it. Some of us are meant to lead. And to not heed the call leads to your failure and others failure as well. Who are we if we are not what our nature calls us to be?
I feel the call to lead. Even when I gain nothing I lead. I’ve always felt the pang of leadership in that I stand up for the weak, I fight for the confused, and now I’m a union rep simply so my co-workers have a voice of reason to reach out to. Be who you are called to be.

-Don’t beg.
In one scene Conan discovers a man chained to the wall. The man asks for food, telling Conan he hasn’t eaten in days. When asked who says he will eat the man replies ‘Give me food for energy so I can die fighting the wolves like a man and not starving like a pauper.’
See the Difference?
In one simple choice of phrasing the man sparked Conan’s interest not his pity or derision. When we approach others we must have the proper context. Begging might gain you a few bucks but sparking their intellect, making them want to join you- therein lies the path to gain and success. Christopher Columbus also knew the art of asking. He didn’t beg. He commanded attention by his audacious requirements and extreme supply list. History tells us the rest.
Never beg for that which they will give or which you deserve.

-Be Good to Friends and the Less Fortunate.
My last point leads to this one. The man who didn’t beg became Conan’s savior. Conan had not only fed this man but freed him and made him an equal. Then when he was crucified this same man freed him. Now we are not prone to being crucified or even living in such dire straights in this modern era.
Yet the lesson is the same.
When we are a good friend and champion of those who are weak and need defending we are always rewarded. Now don’t do it for the reward. Do it because it is right. But in the least, you will see gain when you I’ve morally my friends.


A leader leads more by how he lives than by what he says. ~ Dr Tayo Adeyemi

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Prioritize Your Mind

12 Sep

Prioritize Your Mind.

I don’t care what you do or how you do it. If you don’t prioritize your mind you have wasted your efforts. A clear concise plan and a cool head will triumph in most if not all situations.

Everyday we all have tasks that have to be completed. And any action or decision or plan can be broken down into pieces. If you need a cake- you get ingredients. Then you mix them. Then you cook them. Cake is then frosted and eventually served and shared. I know, so easy a cave man….
However a lot of people don’t differentiate the process as multiple steps, aka tasks. Whatever you have to do, break it down into a concise list of steps.

Opening a business? Same thing. You get funding, you incorporate, you advertise. Get the drift.

Now you know to get tasks done and to break anything down so a complex task becomes minimized into concise motions that create momentum. What a lot of people forget is that the same 4 steps, done out of order- create drag. Aka, you lose momentum and become the very enemy that you worked to defeat. And while this isn’t war, your life, your work are just as real. Just as serious. If you don’t fight for your success and to solidify your dreams as triumphs you are nothing. Sorry. It’s raw, its real.

The difference.
Tasks have to be done. And they have to be PRIORITIZED. In opening a business I say inc/llc first. Why? Create your corporate entity first so every action after generates action or tax breaks. Also being legit not only looks good but sets a framework. Then get a business plan and then funding. After these steps you seek clients and or advertising to compliment your prior actions. See how actions aka tasks, when prioritized create power, momentum, and legitimize you? This is how business people act. A good idea implemented wrong will ruin you or at the least delay your greatness from materializing. And sorry folks but we aren’t meant to be anything but great so don’t marginalize yourself.

-Know your goal.
Body builder vs power-lifter.
A favorite theme of mine as most if not all my readers know. I love to lift weights. However I went about it wrong. I initially wanted to get to big numbers. I wanted to be the strongest body builder- WRONG.
I realized what I wanted was great strength but in a body builders physique. A power-lifter isn’t concerned with his physique. He just crushes the weights. He lifts and lifts and lifts until he supersedes himself. What I wanted was a large mass of muscle that was well sculpted and usable. See Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jay Cutler.
While both are massively strong, the aesthetics were the key to making their dreams come true.
So know your goal.
Know what it means.
Know what it requires and what it becomes.
At that point you will find freedom and success.


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”
– Stephen Covey

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Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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5 Aug



Thought for today @mrojaycutler has more than one revenue stream. Shouldn’t you?

10 Jun

Thought for Today

Image 9 Jun

Goal achieved in the flesh

Video 3 Jun

Jay Cutler Talking about Bodybuilding January 2011 – Bodybuilding Advice from Jay Cutler (by sawboy2)

guy has his degree, and not in phys ed- great video.

He speaks on being the best and quite simply said he equates it with being the best at whatever you do. and he means a specific goal.  not the jack of all trades, but the guy who pulls a Bruce Jenner after Munich- you push, and push, and get to the top and then push more!!!!

Image 29 Sep

Classic flicks: Pumping Iron.
Arnold getting it in!
Where my gym rats at!!!