Prioritize Your Mind

12 Sep

Prioritize Your Mind.

I don’t care what you do or how you do it. If you don’t prioritize your mind you have wasted your efforts. A clear concise plan and a cool head will triumph in most if not all situations.

Everyday we all have tasks that have to be completed. And any action or decision or plan can be broken down into pieces. If you need a cake- you get ingredients. Then you mix them. Then you cook them. Cake is then frosted and eventually served and shared. I know, so easy a cave man….
However a lot of people don’t differentiate the process as multiple steps, aka tasks. Whatever you have to do, break it down into a concise list of steps.

Opening a business? Same thing. You get funding, you incorporate, you advertise. Get the drift.

Now you know to get tasks done and to break anything down so a complex task becomes minimized into concise motions that create momentum. What a lot of people forget is that the same 4 steps, done out of order- create drag. Aka, you lose momentum and become the very enemy that you worked to defeat. And while this isn’t war, your life, your work are just as real. Just as serious. If you don’t fight for your success and to solidify your dreams as triumphs you are nothing. Sorry. It’s raw, its real.

The difference.
Tasks have to be done. And they have to be PRIORITIZED. In opening a business I say inc/llc first. Why? Create your corporate entity first so every action after generates action or tax breaks. Also being legit not only looks good but sets a framework. Then get a business plan and then funding. After these steps you seek clients and or advertising to compliment your prior actions. See how actions aka tasks, when prioritized create power, momentum, and legitimize you? This is how business people act. A good idea implemented wrong will ruin you or at the least delay your greatness from materializing. And sorry folks but we aren’t meant to be anything but great so don’t marginalize yourself.

-Know your goal.
Body builder vs power-lifter.
A favorite theme of mine as most if not all my readers know. I love to lift weights. However I went about it wrong. I initially wanted to get to big numbers. I wanted to be the strongest body builder- WRONG.
I realized what I wanted was great strength but in a body builders physique. A power-lifter isn’t concerned with his physique. He just crushes the weights. He lifts and lifts and lifts until he supersedes himself. What I wanted was a large mass of muscle that was well sculpted and usable. See Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jay Cutler.
While both are massively strong, the aesthetics were the key to making their dreams come true.
So know your goal.
Know what it means.
Know what it requires and what it becomes.
At that point you will find freedom and success.


“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”
– Stephen Covey

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