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New interview: with the Owner of @myofactorsupplements

8 May

Okay folks today I have a different kind of interview.

I sat down with the Owner of @myofactorsupplements and did a quick interview on supplements and essentially his mindset.

As many of you know I love the supplement and fitness industries as well as being an entrepreneur- so in this interview I want you to focus on not just the advice but in how this man answers questions.

Without further ado:

What got you started in weightlifting?

I started lifting in 6th Grade. My mother did not want me to play any contact sports but I needed to do something. She gave me a booklet of local events for young kids and I happened to choose weightlifting. Loved it ever since!

How did you begin your research into meals, sarms, supplements and the like?

It started with my love for weightlifting and human performance in general. Once I started to learn the basics of lifting it lead me to learn about nutrition. Once I started to understand those two disciplines a little bit better I turned to supplements. In retrospect, it was a almost flawless start to my love of all this, though I wish I got a better grasp of nutrition earlier on as it truly is the foundation of performance. As for SARMs and supplements, my interest in science in general and how to even further push human limits got me there. I find it endlessly fascinating how everything works at the biochemical and molecular level.

Is fluid retention valuable only for visuals? Is it detrimental? This is a very risky question. Fluid retention is something that needs to be looked at on a spectrum. From a general health standpoint, a moderate amount of fluid retention is optimal. It keeps your body hydrated, joints lubricated, and blood pressure stable. Go too low, or too high, and fluid retention becomes a health risk. Even from a performance and aesthetic the same thing applies. Extra fluid retention may make a muscle belly look fuller or rounder, but noticeably less defined. However these “fuller” muscles like will be able to perform better because of the extra hydration and blood flow. Now that is up to a limit, as TOO much retention will in a sense drown cells or cause to much pressure to build up. As for glycerol as a supplement, it increases fluid retention for a short duration and only moderately. It’s mainly dragging water along with it into the cells of the body, temporarily increasing water retention. Remember everything exists on a sliding scale!
I ask because you mentioned it in a post on glycerol monosyearate.
Weigh in on the best type of creatine, in your opinion.

Its not my opinion, Creatine Monohydrate. The science is extremely clear on this. 5g-10g a day depending on muscle mass is more than enough to saturate the muscle holding capacity of creatine.

For new supplement users, what 5 supplements do they need?

I believe everyone should have their supplement needs individually assessed, as its not one size fits all when it comes to their needs. If I had to give a answer it would be the following; A quality protein (~20-25g/serving), Creatine monohydrate (barring any existing kidney condition), Beta-alanine, vitamin D, and CoQ10. Everything else I think needs to be taken on an individual basis.

Your opinion on sarms?

They’re great tools for muscle hypertrophy and strength. However they are very advanced tools that we are just really starting to get in depth and long term information on. I think there effectiveness is largely blow out of proportion, as well as their safety. However, as stated earlier, they make a very noticeable impact on ones body

Your opiniom om sarms vs steroids?
My opinion on these is irrelevant. When dealing with any sort of compound that has such a large impact on the body, it comes down to the individuals risk tolerance vs potential reward.
Break down myostatin for us.
Myostatin is simple. Its a “little” molecule that puts the breaks on muscle growth and proliferation. When it hits it’s receptor it up regulates some other receptors, factors, and genes, that ultimately tell the muscle tissue to stop making new fibers. On top of that, it tells muscle to stop making new protein to enlarge existing muscle fiber. Overall, pretty bad for hypertrophy. However, without myostatin you will likely run into the issue of unchecked rampant growth of cells which can cause a bunch of nasty disease states.
What is your favorite muscle to train?
I really look forward to back day, even though its probably my worst feature.
Best workout for gains in your opinion?
Intelligently done heavy compound movements. Deadlifts, Squats, rows, presses. Anything that incorporates multiple muscle groups and the core with sufficient load will maximize the stimulus for muscle growth.

Machines vs free weights?

Free weights all day. However many machines are great tools that can be used to great effect!

Herbalife Under investigation- MLM scam or Prime Stock

13 Mar

I’m sure many of you have seen that the FTC is investigating Herbalife.
Now many people are going to scream Dirty MLM!
These pyramid people are always abusing their recruits!

Let’s take a step back and look clearly at facts.

-First no one has been found guilty.
-An investigation of this nature takes between 12 to 18 months.
-There is no smoking gun here either folks.

Now even if Herbalife has been guilty of wrong doing, does it mean all MLMs are inherently evil and or flawed?

Absolutely Not.

How can I be so sure you ask?
It’s actually quite simple.
The business model referred to as an “MLM” is quite a prosperous and fair one when applied correctly.
Catch that?

And by applied I mean both by the MLM and those who join.
You see no business is easy.
Derek Jeter worked to get where he was. Michael Jordan was a lousy ball player initially.
Get it?
Everything worth doing requires work- Hard Work.
When you join an MLM you have to put in the work.
The mindset in an MLM has to be “I Will Do for 6 to 12 months what no one else will do to Live forever as No one Will.”

And I would wager that every leader knows this.

Now to succeed in business you have to be willing.
Open a store?
Who will put in the hours etc?
Join a MLM that revolves around tea, yeah YOU have to put in the hours.

Folks, regardless of what happens only you will build your empire.
Doctors put in the years.
Jordan did too.
So before you go blaming the MLM concept do your homework.

Even Robert Kiyosaki says that MLMs are great.
The learning programs, the tutelage, the leadership, the training- they are comprehensive and available.

To me this sounds great.
And to be honest I’ve always loved the MLM business model.
I’ve used it time and again.
I won’t hide motives or pretend to be unbiased.
What I will do is let you know that news always has a slant.
And that people always have agendas and needs.

All you and I can do is make informed decisions and chase our dreams.


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6 Feb


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10 Jan

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