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Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take(So Is Your Business)

29 Jan

Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take(So Is Your Business).


Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take (So Is Your Business)


      Your Body is A Result Of The Path You Take
      (So Is Your Business)


If you read my blog you will see I’m quite an enthusiast for bodybuilding and weightlifting in general. To me they are the
true athletes. These two branches of the same tree require more effort and longer time frames. They require an inner greatness most refuse to accept resides inside them. Indeed many people are afraid to rise to the greatness that is humanity at large. But I digress- what bothers me most is that people will blame everyone but themselves. Ever see the guy or gal who is in the gym 3 times week and has no results?
Its scarily normal. They do circuit training and read Men’s Health and all that jazz. Yet they stop there.
And this is why they fail. Your body will be no more than the path you travel. Simple. Easy. Factual. Your body is a manifestation of you. It is essentially you. If you are mad at your shape or lack of muscle tone you are to blame. If you are at your pinnacle, the zenith- then you win. You have done what you set out to. See me, I’ve been there. Thrice. And receded. Thrice. No good. The cool part is I don’t quit. I fight my way back repeatedly until I win. However my failures are my fault. I walked off my path. At one point I hit 293 lbs and flabby. And when I chose to fight I hit 243 in 3.5 months. Will power, did it for me. I had supplements and a good gym. And I changed my diet and eating habits. It worked; because I worked hard at being a better me. And when I wanted to benchpress 325 pounds with no help – I did it. ME.
You see the mind is a fickle thing. It requires you to believe in it. It requires your heart be part of the conspiracy. You see to get anything done requires a conspiracy. Now I don’t mean the negative birther kind.
Conspiring can be perceived as you and your mind and heart meeting to beat your body. And that isn’t bad. You may prefer teamwork as the term of choice. I say no.
We as people wanting to improve our bodies must conspire against our bodies.
Tom Platz said ‘Put Your mind in the muscle’. He is right (Fyi Mr. Platz is a world renowned body builder). To get his body right required his mind to be the best and the boss.

Okay I droned on enough. How does this all relate? Well, Your business won’t be more than you are. If your paperwork is shabby you lose. If your product is trash, find a garbage can. Not to be a jerk but your business is a result of the path you take; of the path you choose. You are in charge.
What growth you gain you manifest. Make a decision- stick with it. Be more than your idea. Be the boss. Be the fact. Be the fiction. Every business begins with a dream and from there you must make the rest balloon larger than reality. The path you choose is the only thing that will make you a success or a failure.
Simply put we get only what we put in. Leadership requires you lead.
Success requires you make moves.
What will you do?
Will you choose the truth? Or blame the economy?


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” –Napoleon Hill

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Had to post this: Top 25 Bodybuilding Tips from the Legends in Bodybuilding

7 Oct

Top 25 Bodybuilding Tips from the Legends in Bodybuilding

Posted on September 10th, 2012 by Marco

Top 25 Bodybuilding Tips

Could you use some helpful tips to improve your workouts and physique?

I’m sure you can, and what better way to help bodybuilders like you then to share my favorite bodybuilding tips from some of the legends in bodybuilding. bodybuilding tips

Below you will find my personal collection of golden nuggets from the industry’s top professional bodybuilders going all the way back to the Golden Era up to today’s top bodybuilding stars.

Now, without further ado, here they are:

  1. Ronnie Coleman. “Without letting your ego carry you away, go as heavy as your strength allows for the strict execution of each movement. Strict means no cheating on an exercise by calling secondary muscle groups into play. Your goal is to build the best physique your genetics will allow.”
  2. Franco Columbo. “Most gyms can be broken down into two segments. There are members who socialize and there are the champions. From the moment you enter the gym you should visualize what you are going to do.”
  3. Jay Cutler. “If you want to get big, you gotta learn to feel it. No exercise works if you don’t feel it in the muscle that you’re targeting. A lot of guys rely on mirrors to tell them whether or not an exercise is working, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I think about getting the ultimate contraction in the muscle I’m targeting and I don’t stop until I feel that.”
  4. Danny Padilla. “Visualize what you want to look like before a show and then come up with a plan to achieve that condition.”
  5. Dave Draper. “Be alert to the needs of your training partner and of the team. If your workout needs adjustment, talk about the changes. Share your attitudes and ideas, triumphs and injuries.”
  6. Lou Ferrigno. “Too many people are concerned with how much they can bench or how much they can squat or deadlift. You need to train like a bodybuilder, hitting all body parts equally, and know what your safety limit is. If you’re concerned about how much you can bench for one rep, go to a powerlifting competition.”
  7. Kevin Levrone. “I absolutely recommend an NO2 component for pre-workout. It warms up the machine and gets blood to the muscle. Just be careful you’re not buying garbage.”
  8. Rich Gaspari. “Training a muscle to failure is what’s going to make you basically build your body. Your body doesn’t know the weight. The body knows failure. And when you go to failure, it’s going to build up.”
  9. Kai Greene. “You make it more complicated when you start thinking we need to add more weight. The primary goal is not to lift weights. I’ll never be a weightlifter. A bodybuilder is primarily concerned with contracting his muscles.”
  10. Lee Haney. “As with all of my training, my motto for triceps is “Stimulate, don’t annihilate!” Arm muscles, in particular, are relatively small and, as such, can be easily over trained. The idea is to hit the muscles hard and fast, and then get out of the gym and enjoy your life.”
  11. Phil Heath. “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to come up with any exotic movements if what you’re currently doing is working. The goal is to find out what works.”
  12. Dexter Jackson. “My motto has always been, to be better than the previous show.”
  13. Lee Labrada. “Always be learning. Believe me, if you aren’t continuously filling your mind with accurate and useful information to help you achieve your goals, all kinds of muck and garbage will “seep” into your brain and fill the void.”
  14. Ron Love. “Bodybuilding is like no other sport in the world. You got to be hardcore all the way.”
  15. Mike Mentzer. “It is the quality of the effort, not the quantity, which is responsible for growth stimulation. Don’t confuse training long with training hard. Training hard, intensely, is what is required to build muscle mass.”
  16. Sergio Oliva. “If you train hard, eat well with quality protein, and take a good vitamin and mineral, then you can achieve a good physique. And a good physique comes from about 45% of your genes, whereas the rest is from training.”
  17. Tom Platz. “After being taught sets and reps and working at it for a length of time you can’t paint by numbers anymore. It must come from within. Any artist has an emotional contact with their work. A true bodybuilder doesn’t just build muscle he creates muscle. You can’t be a robot.”
  18. Shawn Ray. “Changes in your physique will evolve not so much from your diet as from your training. What you do in the gym determines the quality of your separation, hardness and detail. Trust the mirror, not your diet chart. I look in the mirror after I’m done training, not after I’m done eating.”
  19. Arnold Schwarzenegger. “You’ll find, as I did, that building muscle builds you up in every part of your life. Bodybuilders who have to force themselves to go to the gym and work out will never achieve the kind of success possible for those who can’t wait to hit the gym and start pumping iron.”
  20. Larry Scott. “I really don’t believe there is one best training schedule. No matter how much you think you’ve designed the best system, your body will prove you wrong. It always figures it out and then you start to go stale so you have to change.”
  21. Branch Warren. “To become a great professional bodybuilder, you need to be dedicated, consistent and have the drive to want to compete. No matter what comes your way, you’ve got to be able to push past it and persevere. It’s all about reaching your goals.”
  22. Flex Wheeler. “For the average bodybuilder, I recommend balance in life, and to focus more on doing things that last and will make you and others you love happy.”
  23. Dennis Wolf. “Any muscle must recover fully between workouts to grow, and working biceps more often and with many sets is going to prevent most guys from seeing gains, the exact opposite of what they want.”
  24. Dorian Yates. “I was always meticulous about keeping a training diary, keeping records of my nutrition and everything I did so I could find exactly what worked for me. Nobody knows your body better than yourself.”
  25. Frank Zane. “Quality muscle takes time to develop, it’s better to add not more than 5 lbs of solid muscle a year by training and eating right than to gain 30-40 lbs of surplus tissue, much of which is fat and water retention.”

So there you have it: 25 of my favorite bodybuilding tips from the legends, all sharing their insights on how you can succeed in bodybuilding.

Quote 14 Apr

Put your mind in the muscle

Tom Platz

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