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Knowing When To Rest

25 Mar

Knowing When To Rest

This is perhaps the most important factor in my success journey I learned in 2018.

Not getting enough rest:

Clouds judgement

Consistency is Everything

24 Nov

He who can be consistent will go the farthest.

Okay enough of my fortune cookie flow.
Seriously though folks, it’s the person who sticks to their gym schedule, eats right every day, sleeps right, who gets the killer physique.

It’s the investor who studies the markets and tracks the mac d indicators and does their due diligence on options and puts etc- who makes a killing.
Regardless of your venture, if you are consistent you will reach the finish line.
Talent is nothing without consistency.
Look at the pitchers in the MLB.
They have to throw consistently, not just fast, but consistent.

What can you do to increase your consistency?

Live Brolic !


27 Jan



Not to long ago I was discussing this site’s statistics with my best friend. And I mentioned that I had a lot better results when I blog a lot. I mean daily. You see when you miss days the people who get the posts sent automatically- well they get nothing.
And new followers and fans- they get 100% of that same nothing.
Blogging is more than words.
Every time I blog I gain, I win. Not just from the perspective of building my business but of honing my craft. As I create more and more content I’ve noticed that my content gets better. It was pretty sweet as an epiphany. So I was on this high, thinking it was all good. I’d learned, I’d grown.
The lesson was simple: Content is King. Great content, and a lot of it was the crucial factor that was going to take me to the top. I had ideas concepts and a plan.

Fast forward a few minutes in our conversation (and in my mindset about 3 years lol) and my best friend shattered my illusion. How you ask? He simply said no, Consistency is King.
Ouch. Damn.
Yup folks he was right, I was wrong.
And it was earth shattering.
You see I’m big on not missing the obvious. I pride myself on being a thinker. And this time I out thought myself.

I was on the right track, wrong train. I live in New York City so trains are an integral part of my existence. I used them forever. Even now as an avid driver I use the train at times. It can be easier even if its not as cool. You see 42nd st is a hub. There are 10 or more trains meeting at this one destination. However if you hop on the 6 line and need the 2 line you are going to the wrong area. And this was my story.
I was focused on content- and a lot of it. And there in lies the answer to the riddle. Simply put I had the right idea- I was just reading it wrong.
Content is necessary. It is wanted.
But Consistency Is King.
It wasn’t my content, it wasn’t the quality. It was how frequently I posted said content and quality.

The true Linchpin is Consistency.
It always was and always will be in blogging. To blog is to do so freely and regularly.
And the statistics don’t lie.
When I’m consistent my traffic is as well.

Recently my wife was in the hospital so I blogged very little. I was fortunate to have some amazing new contact and a network. That pushes my content because they believe in its worth. That being said I’d have done even better if I was blogging more. So I’m writing tomorrow’s posts today. I’m working on being better than I can be.
A consistent work ethic will give me more than a great post.
It will give me consistent legitimacy.
It will make me better.
It will make my blog better.
And overall the discipline of blogging makes me a winner regardless of outcome.

“If you can’t invest in you, who will?”

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4 Elements to Greatness

1 Jan

4 Elements to Greatness

It’s 2013, everyone is making goals and becoming a new person. And for many its the same goals as last year. Tenacity is good no question- but its time to skew focus.

There are 4 key ingredients to true greatness and for 2013 I want us all to embrace them even before setting a goal. Set your goals? No prob- just take this is first.

Nothing great is done without belief. If you don’t believe in your cause or goal you have no power. You will not move forward. You may not even tread water. When you aren’t confident- LIE. Even to yourself. Belief comes from within and from previous successes. See what you have done and believe you Will do more.
Belief in U.
If you don’t believe you can do it- you can’t. when you do it know it is all you. No one helps you. When I’m in the gym I have to lift off the weight. I work by the motto that if you can’t take it off the rack you don’t deserve to lift it. Right there I force my belief to grow. I literally put my mind into the muscle and shape my results thru my belief. Do you see how simple that is? How we can all do it. I bench press into the 300s. I get help. But I do it. No one lifts, they just make sure I don’t die. Get there.

Without consistency you can’t do anything. You are recruiting to build your team?
You have to work the system everyday.
You blog? blog daily.. There is no blog if you don’t blog a lot. Blog often. And keep blogging. That may not have been said eloquently but you get the point. You have to work at what you do religiously.
Michael Jordan worked at being great. He was consistent with his gym time. He practiced. And practiced. And practiced. You have to work at it over and over. There are no breaks until you reach the mountain top.
I love the quote ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead,’ as it shows the level of dedication needed.

To get to the top you have to be great. And the way to greatness lies in discipline. What you do daily is what you become. Let’s look at the meriam webster definition:
Definition of DISCIPLINE
1: punishment.
2: instruction.
3: a field of study.
4: training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character.
5a : control gained by enforcing obedience or order.
5b : orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior.
c : self-control.
6: a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity.
Discipline is almost in its simplest form taking the other three elements and combining them simultaneously.
Loving what you do, and doing it consistently is discipline. Belief that you can and will do it is derived from discipline. When you make it your mission to live disciplined you will see greatness invariably.

Loving what you do
You’re wasting your time if your heart isn’t there. You have to love what you do. It has to be synonymous with you. I have a day job. Love it too folks. I have a business. Love that too. However when I stumbled onto Ray Higdon and how I could blog to build an empire I was astounded. And as he said, if he could do it so could anyone. And once I started this blog it was over. I’ve come to love the blogging and guest editorials I’ve been blessed to write. It has been an honor. You see writing was my first love. I’ve written stories, raps, songs, poetry, editorials, and now blogs. But my true love was always present- The Writing.
When you love what you do you already feel successful. However this feeling will grow and will lead to external success if not worldwide success.
See you at the top.


“What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training and competing. I learned something from all those sets and reps when I didn’t think I could lift another ounce of weight. What I learned is that we are always stronger than we know.”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Consumers, Creators and Consistency

16 Sep

Consumers, Creators and Consistency.

There are very few people who will accept responsibility for their situation. PERIOD. Sorry folks but its the first step to financial freedom and entrepreneurial ecstasy.
In fact I’ll take it a step further and state that most people don’t know whether they are consumers, creators, and if they are even consistent in any fashion. Let’s break this down friends.

A consumer consumes, period.
From dictionary.com:
consumer[ kuh n-soo-mer ]. noun
1. a person or thing that consumes.
2. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service.
3. an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.
That’s it its simple. They consume but don’t create. A classic consumer is the individual who garners a small check through labor or income through others and in turn only spends on goods that own no value.
The average consumer is just that, a consumer. They don’t contribute to society in a meaningful way. They don’t seek financial freedom. They do however have the newest Beats by Dre. They have new sneakers every quarter at a minimum. And they also lack savings or financial planning let alone financial savvy of any sort. They either don’t care or blame it on the wealthy and while this is enticing its also a cheap way out. Sorry folks. I’m the first one to admit he loves possessions. However I will give back. I do volunteer. I have done community service. This blog is also free and I have a few students that will not be sold my ventures and will only be given free education in their finances and entrepreneurial drive. I also work and have a few ventures. I’m not better than anyone, I just see that we have to work all the avenues. Join me in doing so.

Creators are those who find avenues of financial growth. They not only consume but they create product and tools and services. They don’t simply work for income. They create income. They build futures and provide jobs.
From dictionary.com:
creator[ kree-ey-ter ]. noun
1. a person or thing that creates.
2. God.
Now we aren’t God. So working with only the first definition we see that we have to create to step above the rest. Okay, the definition doesn’t imply that but the fact that the next definition is to be God only verifies my assumptions and mind frame. My friends we are here to create. We are here to thrive and not just survive. (#thriveorsurvive get the hint…)
And anyone and everyone can create.
Find your niche. Create your hustle. Love to write? Be a published author. I can do this for you at low to no cost!
Want to be a tattoo artist? I have the mentor you need. There are people a tweet away. A message away. So don’t make excuses. Meet your destiny head on and create it.

Consistency, wow. I love this topic and my followers know. And I’m the first cat to admit I drop the ball. But I keep track. This sets me in to a pattern where I drop the proverbial ball less and less and I become a better entrepreneur. My Consistent desire and approach to and for success has bred this trait for me. It wasn’t inherent.
So let’s look at two forms of consistency.
*Captain consumer is consistent- at only spending 9 out of ten times. This individual will plot and plan to purchase and acquire. Hey that’s cool but it doesn’t build empires.
*Captain creation on the other creates before he consumes. He gives back. He has an idea that consumes his efforts. This idea becomes his consistency. He is at it day after day, hour after hour.
This is Positive consistency. When you chase consistency it rewards you.
However is your desired reward belongings and possessions, or is it growth and financial freedom that in turn let’s you have what you desire?

Consistency can plague you or build you. What do you choose? Being consistent in building an empire gave Columbus, Napoleon, Malcolm X, Genghis Khan, and many more true freedom.
Consistency is simply the act of repetition. Determine a simple formula for you and repeat it. That’s it folks.


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
– Thomas Edison

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Part 3. You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

8 Aug

Part 3. You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

So I cut yesterdays article at the second step. And I did that on Monday too. And again I swear it wasn’t a gimmick or ploy, I just wanted to let the first two steps sink in. We discussed creating content and generating traffic. Now, finally its here.
Part 3 in the series:

-(Increase) Conversions.

So we talked about creating content and generating traffic. And now you have got those two steps working. For three months now you have plugged away and made it all work. Its not the numbers and statistics you thought you would get but traffics up three hundred percent from the content you made. Your videos are snazzy, your blog full of inspiration and poignant articles and insightful anecdotes. You have arrived in grand fashion. Heck even Google has finally indexed you and that was awesome!
The nasty secret though: no one has bought your products. No one has joined your teams. A few peoples emails and numbers are in your files and you’ve got great response to your words, and the product you. Believe in 200%. And that leaves you uptight.
Let’s figure this out together.

*Most people say no, ACCEPT IT.
I don’t care who you are. A large amount of your prospects will say NO. They may sat yeah, and when sign time; blank dotted line. a lot of people talk and talk is cheap. So don’t be discouraged. And never be ashamed. Want to make it work- know your conversion rate. If you get 80 opt-ins and only 8 convert- you have a ten percent closing rate. Now what does that mean? You know how many people you have to speak to on average to reap the rewards. 80 isn’t a lot. I used to do 108+ calls an hour at one job, each to a different individual. And in two languages. I was also ten years younger so if a I can….
The best part is your ‘no’s’ are your practice people in a way. How many swings does Tiger Woods take? How many shots did Michael Jordan take? Get the picture.
Lastly: keep going until you get a no. It will generally take five or six interactions to seal the deal. So be on point, be cordial, smile.

*Change your posture.
This is a big one. If you look like a shark in a suit based on demeanor. You will fail. You may draw some bait, and a lot of sharks- but in the end the sharks will feed on each other. You need a team. Attack from that angle. You are here to build not conquer. Get a solid foundation by adjusting your posture so it draws people and gives you a comfortable platform to move from. I won’t belabor this one with words. Let it sink in.

*DON’T Care.
Seriously, don’t. When you care about every little no you miss the big yes who builds a seven figure income. When a no bothers you, you miss the sale in front of you by being blind to it, rude, or plain old foolish. I hated rejection. It killed me when a friend said no. And a stranger was worse even though I never had to see them again. It crushed me. You see I tool it personal. However a lot of people won’t want or need what you have to offer. Other won’t see your vision. And some don’t want to see the vision. Some people keep their heads in the sand by choice while others don’t even know its in the sand. And so the question becomes why care? Strangers won’t be seen again so speak to ten a day or better. That doesn’t mean be callous or aloof- simply don’t care. When rejection like fear becomes either an ally or a tally mark you will cross a great horizon and feel and achieve a freedom and success that probably eluded you for years. Worry about being better not about Bob who said nawwwww.

*Adjust your sales funnels and lead capture pages.
I’ll close with this. Ever seen a fisherman ply his trade? Ever notice that different fish require different bait? Ever noticed that you won’t eat trash when you asked for steak. And so must your sales funnels and lead capture pages be. Are these pages drab? Are they too busy? Do people read, or watch the video and say this jerk is gonna rob me?
Odds are yours’ do these things. Now if its to basic then you are losing people. A good salesman has panache and bravado. People like what they see and are drawn to him. They like him and want what he has to offer, heck they’ll take two! A good sales funnel will get people to give you their info because they want you to call or they are ready to buy. A bad one shows tells them RUN! Color, variety, and videos work well. Good copyright is savory as well.
Now if you have the electric circus you might get a few net surfers and the kids too cool to wear their glasses-but expect no more. Ever go to the mall and the guy who hounds you for his commission is at every turn? Sorry folks but I despise this guy. Wait until I need you. Know your limits and your material and when the time comes I’ll let you close me. And so must your pages be. Not too much- aim to be concise.
Don’t bully your public with intelligence either. Huh? Yup I said it. If you are verbose or use SAT words all day- they won’t be captured. Its like the kid who’s parents lies are so grandiose he knows he’s getting a shot when they get to their destination and not a new bike. Ok maybe he gets the bike- but he doesn’t want to endure the first part. And he doesn’t like being tricked. And neither do your future partners. Give them a good tour, let them be excited. But don’t smother them.
Remember when everyone who was on myspace learned to copy and paste preset html so their pages had flash and all kinds of music and lightning and dancing rhinos (that one sounds cool I think)- well don’t do that. Myspace floundered and so will you. Clean, fluid, concise and consistent. Make those your guides and you will win.

Remember folks all your work is for naught if you don’t convert. So grow your conversion rates by having great content and tons of traffic.

Be a Ferrari, on a Los Angeles highway during rush hour- and you will take home the prom queen. Or any dream you wish.

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The Great Challenge of Life by Jim Rohn

Here’s the great challenge of life – You can have more than you’ve got because you can become more than you are.

I have found that income seldom will exceed your own personal development. Once in a while income takes a lucky jump, but unless you grow out to where it is, it will go back to where you are. Somebody once said if you took all the money in the world and divided it among everyone equally; it would soon be back in the same pockets. However, you can have more because you can become more. You see, here is how the other side of the coin reads – unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got. The marketing plan won’t do it. It ‘s a good plan but it won’t work without you. You’ve got to work it. It is the human effort that counts. If you could send a sales manual out to recruit – wouldn’t that be lovely? The major thing that makes the difference is what YOU do.

In order to have more, you need to become more. The guy says “If I had a good job I would really pour it on, but I have this lousy job so I just goof off.” If that is your philosophy, you are destined to stay there. Some people say if I had a lot of money I would be really generous, but I don’t have much so I’m not generous. See, you’ve got to change that philosophy or you will never have “the lots of money.” Unless YOU change, IT won’t change. Amazingly, however, when we throw out our blame list and start becoming more ourselves – the difference is everything else will begin to change around us.


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Part 2. You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

7 Aug

Part 2. You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

-Generate Traffic.

So I cut yesterdays article after the first step. Actually it wasn’t a gimmick or ploy, I just wanted to let that first burst rattle around in your brains for 24 hours or so.
And so we discussed creating content and where to do it. And at that where it could be done for free!
Now let’s get unpack this together.
Part 2 in the series:

-Generate Traffic.
Generating traffic is a big step.
So you know how to blog and where to place it. And that is the first step in generating traffic.

*Post strategically.
This involves not just writing the blog but adding a few things.
Always, always use your blogs address in your articles, blogs, and or content. http://www.HiImMe.com- whatever the link you mention it. Let people always know who you are. When you participate where your audience already gathers you are shooting fish in a barrel to use an old saying.

These will define your blog in a way I can’t equate. When people are searching for help, or an mlm. Or they need advice, or want a mentor- they will get on Google or Baidu or yahoo and search the most common terms. And if they are vague- these search engines will use the most successful and best ranked keywords to answer you in a way that should exceed your expectations. (More on this another day.)

*Target your content to an Audience likely to share.
If you love fishing, don’t blog about it on an ultimate frisbee blog. Concisely put: tell those who want to hear you what you have to say. LOL! Okay that’s convoluted I’ll admit. However: you read this blog because you either like my writing style or you think I’m pretty much on point.
And that being said- you won’t share my blog with Joe baseball who couldn’t care about business. He’s Joe baseball for petes sake! He does his job and goes to every game. Now your cousin who just joined a business like yours…. See my point.

*A way to do this in a similar way is to join linkedin and wait for the free adwords coupons they will send.
This will help you to drive traffic to your page using a proven strategy. And heck its FREE! I won’t spend time on this because to sell you on buying more they will help you get it right.

*Always mention that you are there to help. Not the most fundamental step but I learned it indirectly from my mentor. His posts and webinars, even his youtube videos either offered help directly, implied he was willing, or flat out offered help for barter/cash. And I loved it. I wanted help. I needed it.
Actually, I still do lol, and will until I’m retired. I even got my first student two weeks ago. And the best part is that as I mentor her I’m sharpening my scythe and acquiring more tools simultaneously! It is amazing what giving back and helping will do. Let them ask. They will when your contents good. Another hook to use is offer X amount of free hours as a mentor in exchange for other services. Let them help you with a testimony once they get results.
People are naturally attracted to those who make it no burden to help them. Be the go to guy and you will become captain Conversion…. But that’s TOMOORROW’S ARTICLE!
Holy haberdashery Batman!
We have been baited again!

Not exactly but I want you to read this.

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Who’s with me!

“Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated everyday.” – Jim Rohn


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