THE Three Simple Steps

4 Jun

So- My regular readers know I’m a fiend for the gym. Now my friends know I’m husky-ish, lol. But see, my goal has always been to build mass, then strength, and beauty aka the gym body is last in line for goals. Now I’m down, down to 270. I was bigger. I was smaller last year but I decided I wanted to be bigger. I decided I didn’t want the trim. I wanted to eat the gym.
Now being the MENSA member I am I hurt my back at a peak of strength 6 months ago. Pressing 120 pound dumb bells on the incline bench I strained my lower back, abs, transversals, and obliques- yup, major ouch.
Now that was the easy part. The mental fear lasted about two months longer.
However, three keys opened the door to a greater return on not only my physical investment in the self but in my online ventures.

What are they you ask? Simple. So simple it scares me.

Belief, Commitment, and Consistency.
That’s it.

So let me expound on this incrementally.

BELIEF- if you don’t believe in you, no one will. So simple its elegance will pass most of us by. Nothing is accomplished without belief. And a million twitter followers might, might help- but YOU HAVE to Believe in you first and foremost. What you believe you will achieve. And sorry for the cheap cliche but its true. How can you lead if you don’t have the belief?
How can they follow one who’s belief is not in his self and then in them. Its like fear- its contagious. So I ask, what do you want to infect your friends, family, team, prospects, leads and even yourself with…..

Commitment: if you don’t commit nothing happens. Belief is simply the turn key. I’d you don’t commit you will get nowhere. Is that success? I’d say no! It reeks of ignorance and fear. Commitment, when based on Belief will take you to heights unseen. Your commitment is like bricks in a wall. The more you re-affirm it the greater the wall, aka your success. Commitment is exactly what it sounds like- a union without end. No boundaries. You COMMIT and make it work. No excuses or theories. Get it done. I could say more but if you’re reading this you get the message.

Consistency: so you get that belief is a stepping stone of epic proportions. And you know you MUST Commit to your self if not to your venture and your success. Consistency is quite possibly the glue of not just simple success but of Leadership. You see for your life or your marriage or your business to succeed- you have to be a LEADER. People want to be lead. They want someone who steps into the void and illuminates the path. People as a whole want leadership- Obama stepped into a gap as big as a continent and convinced the populace to carpe diem with him. Get the point? His message was consistent. His terms as well. He followed through on what he said he would do. He believed he could do it. Most importantly he has been consistent in his dreams and objectives. So you’re a republican- fine. But see the message. Consistency changes not just singular lives but families, neighborhoods, cities and so forth. So I challenge you:
BE CONSISTENT. Let that goal lead you to be the business man and leader you were meant to be. Day in and day out meet every challenge and goal with a zeal that would put St. Peter to shame.
Let that bloom from your commitment to greatness. Your ability to meet every day and every task anew and smash them like a volley in your final match- sampras/agassi style.
Lastly let this all bloom from a healthy BELIEF in who you are and who you can and WILL BE. See, who you are, is constantly changing. Especially in leadership. You must rise to meet the needs of your followers.
A flock with a shepherd who believes he’s lost is indeed lost.
Are you inspired? Do you believe? Want to make huge strides towards not just success and wealth but true leadership?
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