What I didn’t know when I started my business.

7 Jul

Well folks I started with a different article and halfway through I chucked it. Well, actually its in the saved drafts folder lol.
The lesson there is don’t throw out what you worked hard on. And now for the meat of this article:
What I didn’t know when I started my business.

When I started my business I made a heck of a lot of mistakes. Some weren’t the business killer kind. And some were. I’m going to give you the bad and then the good so you can avoid my ignorance.

-Hard sell.
I was big on this. I tried to pressure anyone who would listen that I had the best idea ever! No really it was. And then I went on to the next one. Guess I was wrong as well as a jerk. People don’t want a hard sell. Ever been to the car dealership and the jerk who tries every tactic he knows- but can’t close you? Yeah, don’t be that guy. It kills sales, recruiting and even friendships. I even sold one solid lead into a different company. Lesson here is simply hard sell doesn’t work. Better yet don’t sell unless you are only concerned with a sale. Singular. Repeat customers need a relationships. Teams need leadership and friendship. Get it done people.

-Too many mlms (at once).
This is killer. I joined one that I made good money in. I hit the ground running and checks came in. I hit benchmark after benchmark. And I had a killer mentor. This guy was knocking em down for 25 years. Then I joined another venture. And this one was more sensible and I fell in love with the product. I didn’t even try to hard to move this one because I had checks from company A. And want to laugh now? I joined another venture that was super hyped and said to be easier. Also my recruiter told me the bad news about my venture that no one else had. Yup. So what do we learn here? I joined way too much. I spread myself way toooooo thin. You can’t focus on multiple targets. Ever see a sniper work? Its methodical. Acquire. Gauge distance. Take down. Repeat. Simple right- and yet I went right past it. That’s how you work a venture too.
Do what works.
And then do it again.
Lastly. Do only one business at a time. If you reach the pinnacle, and you can almost move on autopilot then you build bigger. Example: in an mlm you build one complete team before you start team two. That’s how you build strong and build long.

-Beating up my warm market.
Man did I abuse people. Everyone was a target. Everyone was a casualty or a victim. Sorry to say but it worked that way. Anyone I knew casually or better was who I wanted to join. Didn’t matter if they would. BIG mistake. I didn’t vet anyone. Not everyone wants to join. And when you anger alienate or frustrate- you annihilate your business.
My advice to my readers is think hard and long before you approach those closest to you. Sometimes its better to seek your fortunes elsewhere and let them see you blossom. If you can work that way you will surely see growth. (If you can’t let’s chat on how to get that cold lead market growing.)

-Losing momentum.
In my current venture I got in quick. It was the perfect opportunity. And it had no weekly meetings in costly or distant venues. So I joined quick. It was a super easy sell. But I got in and didn’t worry. Business one had me swimming in money and confidence. So I was sullen- sort of. I didn’t care because I had joined and my auto-ship was billed right to a credit card so I wouldn’t miss a payment. Sadly I lost momentum in both ventures. Next thing you know I was committing cash and doing nothing. Now leaving venture one I don’t regret. What I do regret is losing that momentum from it. That company had me ready. It had me hyped. Its training via my mentor was good. But my lost momentum blinded me to the great training in venture two. So to sum it up my friends- once you have momentum don’t let it go. You keep it and harness it. That is the key to most anything in life. See a sports player- he or she will agree. They build from success to success until they have a championship or three.

-Not budgeting properly.
Oh man did I forget this. Your expenses must be accounted for. Don’t forget that they exist. The dream. The gold to be mined. The waiting fortune will ALL be real. But the bills are two. Make sure you know what your costs and liabilities are up front and write them out in monthly and yearly sums. Then let that number motivate you to exceed it by 600%. Why? Because a 500% ROI is a great goal and if you miss it you have a long way to fall.

-Not investing enough time.
I spoke on this indirectly earlier so I’ll keep it short.
They say it takes two to three years to turn a dreamer into a successful business man. You have to put in the hours.
You have to put in the sweat equity.
A big one I’ve heard over and over is it takes 10,000 hours to become a pro at anything. That’s right, ten thousand hours my friends.

Now here’s what I did right:

-I didn’t quit.
In my current venture (fyi it was the second in the three that happened almost all at once) I didn’t quit. I haven’t ever. I stuck it out and the longer I’m in the more fruit I see. It is working and working well. I’m putting in the hours. I’m building the relationships. I hit all the webinars and take notes. This is an easy sell folks: what you don’t quit you don’t lose. See my earlier post on said topic.

-I didn’t skip my auto-ship.
Sorry but if your venture has one stick with it. Missing months loses you points. But that’s no big deal. Sorry to those cringing but it isn’t. Want to know what the big deal is? Your choppy sloppy attitude shows your recruits, warm market, friends and family that they shouldn’t follow you. Why? Because you are inconsistent. Ouch. Want to know how that gets worse? Those who follow you into your venture will repeat your actions. They will model your inconsistencies and failures simply because the example you set is trash. Everything your business suggests- do it. And do it again.

-I multi-task like a madman.
Yup. That’s right. I can get it all done. How? Why? It works.
How: I make lists and cross off what is completed. Then I remake my lists.
I also set goals. Small goals that build my momentum. Now as for the why- I like to get it done. At work I make myself and my partners look good by doing just that. What is required gets done. And if I didn’t add this part: doing three tasks at once for me works. But I don’t recruit, sell, and file taxes at once. I go to the gym and meet the days required lifts. And then I talk to my fellow gym rats and see if I can solve their problems. While I’m driving home I dictate lists into my smart phone. I also dictate articles into said phone. See the pattern?
Good- duplicate it.


From @ThoreauPage: “I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a conscious endeavor.” #thoreau #quote

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