Part 2. You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

7 Aug

Part 2. You only need to do THREE (3) things to be successful in ANY business.

-Generate Traffic.

So I cut yesterdays article after the first step. Actually it wasn’t a gimmick or ploy, I just wanted to let that first burst rattle around in your brains for 24 hours or so.
And so we discussed creating content and where to do it. And at that where it could be done for free!
Now let’s get unpack this together.
Part 2 in the series:

-Generate Traffic.
Generating traffic is a big step.
So you know how to blog and where to place it. And that is the first step in generating traffic.

*Post strategically.
This involves not just writing the blog but adding a few things.
Always, always use your blogs address in your articles, blogs, and or content. whatever the link you mention it. Let people always know who you are. When you participate where your audience already gathers you are shooting fish in a barrel to use an old saying.

These will define your blog in a way I can’t equate. When people are searching for help, or an mlm. Or they need advice, or want a mentor- they will get on Google or Baidu or yahoo and search the most common terms. And if they are vague- these search engines will use the most successful and best ranked keywords to answer you in a way that should exceed your expectations. (More on this another day.)

*Target your content to an Audience likely to share.
If you love fishing, don’t blog about it on an ultimate frisbee blog. Concisely put: tell those who want to hear you what you have to say. LOL! Okay that’s convoluted I’ll admit. However: you read this blog because you either like my writing style or you think I’m pretty much on point.
And that being said- you won’t share my blog with Joe baseball who couldn’t care about business. He’s Joe baseball for petes sake! He does his job and goes to every game. Now your cousin who just joined a business like yours…. See my point.

*A way to do this in a similar way is to join linkedin and wait for the free adwords coupons they will send.
This will help you to drive traffic to your page using a proven strategy. And heck its FREE! I won’t spend time on this because to sell you on buying more they will help you get it right.

*Always mention that you are there to help. Not the most fundamental step but I learned it indirectly from my mentor. His posts and webinars, even his youtube videos either offered help directly, implied he was willing, or flat out offered help for barter/cash. And I loved it. I wanted help. I needed it.
Actually, I still do lol, and will until I’m retired. I even got my first student two weeks ago. And the best part is that as I mentor her I’m sharpening my scythe and acquiring more tools simultaneously! It is amazing what giving back and helping will do. Let them ask. They will when your contents good. Another hook to use is offer X amount of free hours as a mentor in exchange for other services. Let them help you with a testimony once they get results.
People are naturally attracted to those who make it no burden to help them. Be the go to guy and you will become captain Conversion…. But that’s TOMOORROW’S ARTICLE!
Holy haberdashery Batman!
We have been baited again!

Not exactly but I want you to read this.

And as a reward I will get 1000 to 1200 backlinks to my next five followers. And the same for the first 3 people to comment.
And the first person to follow, comment, and follow me on twitter and or facebook will get an hour of training via Skype or Phone call.
Who’s with me!

“Failure is not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgement, repeated everyday.” – Jim Rohn


Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat-
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Or simply reply to this article.


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