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10 Jun


Recently I’ve upgraded my hunger.

Let me explain.  You see i love writing, reading, and interviewing people.

Yup as I’ve built my sites and my dreams I decided that I wanted to interview not just entrepreneurs but my favorite emcees and entrepreneurial heroes as well.

So I made a list, and yeah I checked it twice (lol).

I decided on 7 rappers and 3 DJ’s.  After that the entrepreneurs come.            Now I got off track and lost that order as some amazing people stumbled into my path.  Miss163, Jean Alerte, and Javier Saldana to name just a few.  And boy was it worth it.

However today I’m here to talk about the waterproof emcee, The Lyrical Master, RAS KASS.

This lyricist, sorry rapper is to shitty a term, was not only down to earth but gracious, intelligent, genuine, and cool as a fan.

BH:  How did you get started with rap?

RK: Hearing older cats rapping and getting the bug to rhyme had me.  I was a late bloomer in the rap game.  rap resonated heavy for me after 6th grade.

BH: Who was your favorite rapper growing up?

RK: Kool G Rap, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD and Kool MO Dee.

BH: Nice.

RK: But I patterned myself after KRS One.  He was more informative.

BH: How many albums have you done?

RK: Conceptually 9.  But some were leaked, bootlegged or blocked. A former manager lost one as well so there is a litany of Ras Kass that isn’t out to the market a a whole.

BH:  Speaking of hold outs- did you run up on the label for your masters?   As a non-fan the legend of you literally taking back what was yours by force was awe inspiring to me.  The willingness on your part to go to jail to feed the seed as I heard it, is amazing.

RK: I did  what the situation called for no regrets.

BH: What are your current plans in hip hop?

RK: I’m staying in.  I haven’t done all I want.  I have more to say and more to obtain fiscally.  The game is never done for me.  It is a career not a cycle.  I have so much more in store.

BH: A rebirth?

RK: Naw.  I’m doing it til I’m done with it.

BH: Thoughts on the rap game?

RK: It is really just the pimp game turned on it’s back.  You could call it the new form of slavery.  It is all business nut business has an objective and talent gets the short end of the stick.

BH:  You left handed or right handed?

RK: Left handed.

BH: Word?! ME TOO!!

RK:  you find a lot of talented and or simply successful emcees are left handed  their mindset and general existence is geared towards creativity and expressing innate talent.

BH: thoughts on The Horsemen?

RK: I left the group in 2012 but they are my brothers.  Forever we will work together.  We are friends to the next level.

BH:Thoughts on Slaughterhouse claiming the fame of said name?

RK: Hey, they did what we couldn’t- make commercial success from their unity.  They got it out execution wise so how can I argue.

RK: They did what Wu-Tang did as they set out and respect is deserved.  They say  God laughs when you make plans…

BH: Your son Taj Austin rhymes as well.  Thoughts? feelings?

RK: He was rapping since he was little.  His mother is a singer and I’m a lyricist so he is set up well.  As I was coming up I had no one to bounce ideas and concepts off of. He has the benefit of both our experience to add direction and or guidance to his career/objectives.

BH: How did you come up with the track Interview With A Vampire?


RK: It started as a joke.  I said I could do a song with Jesus on an island and if no one heard it, it would still be worthless. From there the song evolved almost on its own.

BH: As a lyricist myself I feel you.  Some songs seem to write themselves.

RK: Indeed some tracks I cough and they damn near done.

BH: What is your favorite song you have done?

RK: I don’t have one.  My catalog is 20,000 songs deep or more and they are all reflective of what I’ve done, where I’ve been, and who I am.  I can’t pick one honestly.

BH: I came to be a fan of yours quite late- 2005 or so to be honest.  But between your verses with CANibus and and the Horsemen I was won over before I heard your early works.  As I’ve matured since then I’ve invested in all of your catalog I could find.  And as such I have to ask- Where did you conceive of the cover for the EAT OR DIE Mixtape that released in stores?

RK: It was a tribute to the photographer.  He went for pictures and came back with a conscious.  And in the end he took his own life.  Reality was really raw for him.

BH: Newest project?

RK: Barmageddon the album that dropped this year.  It is pure hip hop with the feeling of raw lyricism.

If you listen to Barmageddon you hear I’m still human, still love hip hop,  still love to rap.

BH: Amen!  As a fan I’ve heard it and concur.

Where can fans reach you/find you?

RK: @raskass is perfect.

http://raskass.bandcamp.com/album/barmaggedon for the new album and links to cop my catalog.

BH: Shout out to RAS KASS, The Waterproof Emcee.


Ras Kass 2013 Barmageddon

Nas Aint Got A Grammy?

26 Feb

Nas Aint Got A Grammy?

Guess Who Doesn’t Have A Grammy For Rap?

A) Ludacris
B) Kid Cudi
C) Nas
D) Fergie
E) Naughty By Nature



Give up?

Our esteemed Rap god Nas.
Shitty isn’t it?
Even with the youth in total intellectual disarray I’d expect Nas to have 3 or four by now. And I’m being lenient with Hip Hop.

Now I’m not trying to denigrate the aforementioned acts, however I am aghast. I could make a case against everyone on that list except maybe, maybe Naughty by Nature in my opinion as they came so much earlier in the game, but my opinion is that no body of work from this pocket or artists is even comparable.
A lot of creative genius in this group, no question- let me breathe though.

Kid Cudi is not a game changer. Entertaining? Yes. New- for sure. But to conjure up a rationale for him to receive a grammy, well that’s pure magic.
26 or so nominations is a bit ridiculous. Say I’m hating fine. I just don’t see him as Epic when Nas has guest verses that are prolific.
And don’t get me started on Nas verses on Mobb Deep and Wu-tang tracks!

Ludacris was a breath of fresh air and a welcomed voice to many in hip hop. And his savvy to be able to sell 50,000 units dolo out of his trunk and network weekly was awe inspiring. However for him to get a grammy and not Nas is sheer ignorance. If Ludacris is Hip Hop then what is Nas? With introspective and societal critiques that are vastly understated- Nas is clearly the slept on Ceasar to the rabble and their proletariat. And FYI Nas has gone Double platinum with almost no advertising, hype, drama, or publicity- shout to 50cent!

Fergie is a major icon- not in my opinion though. A good vocalist sure. Interesting public figure, maybe. Yet how is she relevant?
Does she add cultural diversity?
Sounds like I’m the racist but we have seen more trivial matters be exploited for gain.
Also whenever we have a “crossover” vast attention is paid.
Eminem is case and point- better yet case closed.

Naughty By Nature is considered classic Hip Hop by many. And they had hits no questions. And at one point they were socially relevant. Were.
Nas’ track rewind.
Dude did it backwards. Amazing. And it was coherent. Forget the drugs and posturing for a minute. That’s cheap hip hop. Nas spit pure fire. The rap spoke for it’s-self. Nas damn near rewound hip hop literally to when rappers where creating. No posing. No primping. Just RAW. Amen.

Definition of Self.
Nas defines himself on every album. He speaks. Even when telling stories that don’t revolve around him he amazes and astounds us. Ether isn’t a definition of self track but a defining moment and as such it was Nas speaking his prowess into existence as only a Boss would (small snub at Rick Ross intended).
Bottom line Nas speaks his mind every album, and damned if that aint Hip hop.

Live at the barbecue.
The kid was 14! And spit something amazing. A classic some 20 years later (my math right?) And it was not even some superior mastered, hyped track. Go look it up and tell me if I’m wrong.

Willingness to follow his heart.
Nas follows his heart. Kanye follows his vanity. He loves his tirades. Nas loves his craft. Nothing better than that. I can’t front, I might end up the new ye if I was to ever blow but that’s a side result. My first love is always my pen. Well nowadays its my blackberry lol.
My mode of creation may have changed but
my love of lyricism is universal. If you know me you know I love weights too- and even amongst my plates I pen madness.
And as an a lyricist I respect that in Nas. His life doesn’t run him. His pen does. Everything revolves at least indirectly around his craft. And you hear it in his rhymes. Heard the last album? He gets at his ex. Not too beef but to say thanks for his beautiful seed. Now that’s Hip Hop.



27 Jan



Not to long ago I was discussing this site’s statistics with my best friend. And I mentioned that I had a lot better results when I blog a lot. I mean daily. You see when you miss days the people who get the posts sent automatically- well they get nothing.
And new followers and fans- they get 100% of that same nothing.
Blogging is more than words.
Every time I blog I gain, I win. Not just from the perspective of building my business but of honing my craft. As I create more and more content I’ve noticed that my content gets better. It was pretty sweet as an epiphany. So I was on this high, thinking it was all good. I’d learned, I’d grown.
The lesson was simple: Content is King. Great content, and a lot of it was the crucial factor that was going to take me to the top. I had ideas concepts and a plan.

Fast forward a few minutes in our conversation (and in my mindset about 3 years lol) and my best friend shattered my illusion. How you ask? He simply said no, Consistency is King.
Ouch. Damn.
Yup folks he was right, I was wrong.
And it was earth shattering.
You see I’m big on not missing the obvious. I pride myself on being a thinker. And this time I out thought myself.

I was on the right track, wrong train. I live in New York City so trains are an integral part of my existence. I used them forever. Even now as an avid driver I use the train at times. It can be easier even if its not as cool. You see 42nd st is a hub. There are 10 or more trains meeting at this one destination. However if you hop on the 6 line and need the 2 line you are going to the wrong area. And this was my story.
I was focused on content- and a lot of it. And there in lies the answer to the riddle. Simply put I had the right idea- I was just reading it wrong.
Content is necessary. It is wanted.
But Consistency Is King.
It wasn’t my content, it wasn’t the quality. It was how frequently I posted said content and quality.

The true Linchpin is Consistency.
It always was and always will be in blogging. To blog is to do so freely and regularly.
And the statistics don’t lie.
When I’m consistent my traffic is as well.

Recently my wife was in the hospital so I blogged very little. I was fortunate to have some amazing new contact and a network. That pushes my content because they believe in its worth. That being said I’d have done even better if I was blogging more. So I’m writing tomorrow’s posts today. I’m working on being better than I can be.
A consistent work ethic will give me more than a great post.
It will give me consistent legitimacy.
It will make me better.
It will make my blog better.
And overall the discipline of blogging makes me a winner regardless of outcome.

“If you can’t invest in you, who will?”

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
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10 Jan

On behalf of Change In Advance and our partner companies I invite you to come see a new venture we have initiated. Sales to begin soon.


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The Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog- Part #3

3 Dec

The Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog- Part #3

Ok folks I changed the title- like it better?
I think its a neater version; concise. So I’m going to round out this trifecta with 4 more tips.

Customer Support Help.
Getting repeat questions from your customers? Are people intrigued by the same issues- or perhaps they are befuddled by one step in your process? Well the easy cool way to fix this is to make a blog post for each issue that pops up often. It takes the burden off your customer support department- which in the early days if your anything like me is just you. Your small business has enough challenges so let’s meet this one head on and kill two birds with one stone. This also shows customers and potential clients that you are dedicated and serious about helping your customers.

Author Credibility.
Want to make your Ceo POP? Perhaps you want to have more of your key employees share their insights and let new ones shine. Well your blog is the place to do it. Doing this will give your employees (and the CEO) some ‘street cred’ and make them feel good. Make this more effective by having every author create a Google+ profile. If they have one, let them take it up a notch. And adding the aforementioned Google Authorship status will really make your business and your blog shine.
Last step- don’t make every post just admin posts.

blog comments and commentors are heaven.. Did I say heaven? I meant pure gold. These comments are essentially you and your customers and clients dialoguing. It gives you key insight and ideas for the future. You can mine this gold for better products or great blog posts too.
It takes a bit of effort and time to comment on a blog post so anyone who takes the time is worth a look. Ask questions, comment, but speak up. These people are potential clients, business partners and more. You may find a twitter worth following or that testimonial for your site you’ve been looking for. Also these comments and your replies add meat to your blog. They also do this for both you and your readers when it comes to search engines. This will make your blog better and easier to index.

Blogging Shows you are still in the game, Still Relevant, Still in Business.
Ever look at a companies website and its obviously dated? You guys know what I mean- the 1990’s theme and scheme aka bad layout. Did you see any social media links or an embed button? Pinterest?
If the site has a blog, is it old with the last post dated 1 year ago or worse? People don’t blog if you won’t do it frequently. Google wants to see you blogging often if you are going to be considered active and worth revisiting regularly and re-indexing. If your site isn’t updated often that tells Google to visit you less. It lowers your sites value to Google. This may even cause Google to rank you lower and lower.

The blog will build for you almost on autopilot, you just have to blog regularly.

For tips and help see my pal @blogheavy. He’s sharp and sets up and manages blogs for small and large businesses. If not feel free to contact me here.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
Let’s chat.
Need ideas?
Want to learn how to invite?
Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
Let’s chat-
Or simply reply to this article.

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