The Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog- Part #3

3 Dec

The Top Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Blog- Part #3

Ok folks I changed the title- like it better?
I think its a neater version; concise. So I’m going to round out this trifecta with 4 more tips.

Customer Support Help.
Getting repeat questions from your customers? Are people intrigued by the same issues- or perhaps they are befuddled by one step in your process? Well the easy cool way to fix this is to make a blog post for each issue that pops up often. It takes the burden off your customer support department- which in the early days if your anything like me is just you. Your small business has enough challenges so let’s meet this one head on and kill two birds with one stone. This also shows customers and potential clients that you are dedicated and serious about helping your customers.

Author Credibility.
Want to make your Ceo POP? Perhaps you want to have more of your key employees share their insights and let new ones shine. Well your blog is the place to do it. Doing this will give your employees (and the CEO) some ‘street cred’ and make them feel good. Make this more effective by having every author create a Google+ profile. If they have one, let them take it up a notch. And adding the aforementioned Google Authorship status will really make your business and your blog shine.
Last step- don’t make every post just admin posts.

blog comments and commentors are heaven.. Did I say heaven? I meant pure gold. These comments are essentially you and your customers and clients dialoguing. It gives you key insight and ideas for the future. You can mine this gold for better products or great blog posts too.
It takes a bit of effort and time to comment on a blog post so anyone who takes the time is worth a look. Ask questions, comment, but speak up. These people are potential clients, business partners and more. You may find a twitter worth following or that testimonial for your site you’ve been looking for. Also these comments and your replies add meat to your blog. They also do this for both you and your readers when it comes to search engines. This will make your blog better and easier to index.

Blogging Shows you are still in the game, Still Relevant, Still in Business.
Ever look at a companies website and its obviously dated? You guys know what I mean- the 1990’s theme and scheme aka bad layout. Did you see any social media links or an embed button? Pinterest?
If the site has a blog, is it old with the last post dated 1 year ago or worse? People don’t blog if you won’t do it frequently. Google wants to see you blogging often if you are going to be considered active and worth revisiting regularly and re-indexing. If your site isn’t updated often that tells Google to visit you less. It lowers your sites value to Google. This may even cause Google to rank you lower and lower.

The blog will build for you almost on autopilot, you just have to blog regularly.

For tips and help see my pal @blogheavy. He’s sharp and sets up and manages blogs for small and large businesses. If not feel free to contact me here.


“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” – Robert Collier

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