Consumers, Creators and Consistency

16 Sep

Consumers, Creators and Consistency.

There are very few people who will accept responsibility for their situation. PERIOD. Sorry folks but its the first step to financial freedom and entrepreneurial ecstasy.
In fact I’ll take it a step further and state that most people don’t know whether they are consumers, creators, and if they are even consistent in any fashion. Let’s break this down friends.

A consumer consumes, period.
consumer[ kuh n-soo-mer ]. noun
1. a person or thing that consumes.
2. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service.
3. an organism, usually an animal, that feeds on plants or other animals.
That’s it its simple. They consume but don’t create. A classic consumer is the individual who garners a small check through labor or income through others and in turn only spends on goods that own no value.
The average consumer is just that, a consumer. They don’t contribute to society in a meaningful way. They don’t seek financial freedom. They do however have the newest Beats by Dre. They have new sneakers every quarter at a minimum. And they also lack savings or financial planning let alone financial savvy of any sort. They either don’t care or blame it on the wealthy and while this is enticing its also a cheap way out. Sorry folks. I’m the first one to admit he loves possessions. However I will give back. I do volunteer. I have done community service. This blog is also free and I have a few students that will not be sold my ventures and will only be given free education in their finances and entrepreneurial drive. I also work and have a few ventures. I’m not better than anyone, I just see that we have to work all the avenues. Join me in doing so.

Creators are those who find avenues of financial growth. They not only consume but they create product and tools and services. They don’t simply work for income. They create income. They build futures and provide jobs.
creator[ kree-ey-ter ]. noun
1. a person or thing that creates.
2. God.
Now we aren’t God. So working with only the first definition we see that we have to create to step above the rest. Okay, the definition doesn’t imply that but the fact that the next definition is to be God only verifies my assumptions and mind frame. My friends we are here to create. We are here to thrive and not just survive. (#thriveorsurvive get the hint…)
And anyone and everyone can create.
Find your niche. Create your hustle. Love to write? Be a published author. I can do this for you at low to no cost!
Want to be a tattoo artist? I have the mentor you need. There are people a tweet away. A message away. So don’t make excuses. Meet your destiny head on and create it.

Consistency, wow. I love this topic and my followers know. And I’m the first cat to admit I drop the ball. But I keep track. This sets me in to a pattern where I drop the proverbial ball less and less and I become a better entrepreneur. My Consistent desire and approach to and for success has bred this trait for me. It wasn’t inherent.
So let’s look at two forms of consistency.
*Captain consumer is consistent- at only spending 9 out of ten times. This individual will plot and plan to purchase and acquire. Hey that’s cool but it doesn’t build empires.
*Captain creation on the other creates before he consumes. He gives back. He has an idea that consumes his efforts. This idea becomes his consistency. He is at it day after day, hour after hour.
This is Positive consistency. When you chase consistency it rewards you.
However is your desired reward belongings and possessions, or is it growth and financial freedom that in turn let’s you have what you desire?

Consistency can plague you or build you. What do you choose? Being consistent in building an empire gave Columbus, Napoleon, Malcolm X, Genghis Khan, and many more true freedom.
Consistency is simply the act of repetition. Determine a simple formula for you and repeat it. That’s it folks.


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”
– Thomas Edison

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