Blackberry Tips for my readers

16 Sep

Blackberry tips for simple use and freeing up memory on your Rim Smart phones.

These tips are simple and direct from RIM.

-Type *ld without the star. It will put today’s date.

-Type *lt without the star. It will put the exact, current time according to your phone.

-Type Myver* without the star. It will tell you what bb and os (operating system) you are currently running. It will look like this: 9900/ (B2392).

-Type Mypin* without the star. It will type out your pin for sharing and or viewing.
It will look like this: pin:123456A.

-Hold both the Alt key and right aA key down and then hit the delete key. This will reset your phone. Essentially its a hard reboot akin to a battery pull but better in my opinion.

-Hold the same two keys, (the Alt key and right aA key) except no delete key.
Instead hit the h key for help desk window

-Hold Alt and type lglg.
This takes you to the event log. Now if this is your personal phone you don’t have to keep the log. Clear the event logs daily. You have no need of them and your blackberry will be noticeably different. Also hit the r key to refresh the event log as it may be volumes and volumes. Once you can’t see more to clear. Close out completely.

-Go to options, then security, than advanced security settings. In there you want to find Memory Cleaning. Do the clean now to remove data that isn’t needed. You can set it too delete on a schedule but I find that its timing never matches mine. So better yet-
Use the option to put its icon on your home screen and do it yourself. Daily.

-Want to type ALL CAPS? Hold the alt key and then hit the right aA key. This will let you WRITE LIKE THIS.

-Need to add a numerical sequence? Hold the alt key and hit the left aA key. (:-4 1-“” !2 (:2 324_”(
aka- this will be the result.
-Lastly in your messages folder hold the alt key and hit the p key. This will show you your phone calls in their entirety. If you need privacy delete this. If you want more free memory- delete this.

So now you know your blackberry a little better. And it will run better as well.
Succeed my friends.


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