The ninth interview in a series highlighting up and coming entrepreneurs and leaders. Today we interview Steven Michael Wilson Jr Founder&CEO of Go Get It Consulting and Entertainment.

17 Sep

Today we interview Steven Michael Wilson Jr
Founder&CEO of Go Get It Consulting and Entertainment

And without further ado:

-Where you from?
Boston, Ma.


-Tell my readers exactly what you do-
Businesses you own, ventures, products, etc
Go Get It Consulting and Entertainment is a small business advisory group that specializes in Consulting, Marketing&Promotion and Keynote Speaking but we do A LOT MORE!!!

-How did you get the entrepreneurial bug?
I got the entrepreneurial bug since I can remember, since a youngster I always wanted to own my own business and did not work for anybody. So I took my natural abilities and made it to something great.

-How did you get in the game/current foray?
I got in the game because I saw myself always giving advice to people and then showing them had to put the advice I gave them into motion through my years of great experience in many fields.

-What made you embrace your position?
What made me embrace my position is that when I sat down and looked at my life is that I was always doing GO GET IT but I was not getting paid for it.

-What keeps you in your position?
What keeps me in my position is I LOVE what I do!!!

-What are your secrets to success?
My secrets to my success is that I found out that everyone has GOD giving talents and we you found out what those talents are its you job to make them PAYING talents.

-What don’t you like in the game?
What I don’t like in the game is all the hate and the lost art of BARTER. Many of us hate on someone else in the same business where are in just because and you don’t have to try to charge everybody money, trade services sometimes.

-What do you like in the game?
What I like about the GAME is that just that, A GAME and you can score a lot when you learn how to play!!!

-What would you change in the game?
How would I change the game….HMMM, I would make it a rule for all people and business to perform a certain amount of research before getting in the game!!!

-If I gave you a milli what or whom would
you invest in?
If you gave me a milli I would invest in more real estate.

-What sets you apart from the game?
What sets me apart is my work ethic and life experiences.

-What are your thoughts on 360 deals?
I like 360 Deals and think they are very necessary….If somebody gets you in the GAME through there company or efforts you need to pay back with a percentage.

-What made you love hip hop?
I LOVE hip hop because I AM HIP HOP…I live HIP HOP every day!!!

-Who is your fav rapper/lyricist?

-Best person to ever play your position?
Donald Trump…

-Best rapper alive?
JAY-Z best rapper alive!!! Hands Down.

-Advice for my readers?
Advice to your readers is find out what there GOD giving talents are and make a career out of it!!!

-Your definition of success?
Definition of success is what that individual deems!!! For me its health because if your not healthy you cant do anything and nothing else matters.

-Any projects you’d like to promo?
Anyone who is looking for a real CONSULTANT, MARKETER, PROMOTER OR KEYNOTE SPEAKER!!! HOLLA!!! Also we will be doing our website thus fall and be renaming the company!!! Stay Tuned!!!

-Where can my readers find you on the web et al?


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