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Your Focus Determines Your Greatness

28 Sep

​I really dig The Rock. 

He improved his physique, career, income, et al. And his dedication to consistent Improvement sets a proper example for entrepreneurs across the board and across the globe.

You dictate the most important facets of your meteoric rise or catastrophic failure

Act accordingly.

Play the Game

27 Nov

It’s pretty simple.
If you want to lose weight eat right.
If you need help, ask for it. 

That’s it. There is nothing more powerful than the moment you reach out and seize the day. Ask for help, commit to the product, whatever it is you need to do- DO IT. 

I’m not gonna lecture you or throw in some zippy advice.
The meme speaks for itself.
Live Brolic!

Consistency is Everything

24 Nov

He who can be consistent will go the farthest.

Okay enough of my fortune cookie flow.
Seriously though folks, it’s the person who sticks to their gym schedule, eats right every day, sleeps right, who gets the killer physique.

It’s the investor who studies the markets and tracks the mac d indicators and does their due diligence on options and puts etc- who makes a killing.
Regardless of your venture, if you are consistent you will reach the finish line.
Talent is nothing without consistency.
Look at the pitchers in the MLB.
They have to throw consistently, not just fast, but consistent.

What can you do to increase your consistency?

Live Brolic !

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