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Your Focus Determines Your Greatness

28 Sep

​I really dig The Rock. 

He improved his physique, career, income, et al. And his dedication to consistent Improvement sets a proper example for entrepreneurs across the board and across the globe.

You dictate the most important facets of your meteoric rise or catastrophic failure

Act accordingly.

Enjoy the climb

10 Oct

Success is a journey.
It requires continuous climbing that leads PAST THE TOP.
Yes- PAST.
You can’t hit ceilings on your way to greatness- you have to blast past them.

Do you have a plan to move beyond the norm?

Are you looking for a way to rise beyond that drag on your life called a

If so let’s chat.
Hit me up @ tony@changeinadvance.com.

Image 13 Nov

Pain is gain.
Get swoll- cuz if he can u can!

Image 14 Oct

Putting in work.

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