2 Things to Focus on for Immediate Success

27 Nov

1) Focus on what you’re grateful for.

2) Focus on income producing activities first.

1- Every morning I start off my day with a shower and reciting a list of what I am grateful for that morning. Usually I say the list out loud as it seems too resonate deeper for me.

Whatever method you prefer I suggest you begin this daily habit immediately. As this habit has taken root I find I’m happier, healthier, and more productive. It’s easy to get down on yourself, especially when you’re building a business. The hours can seem endless and the sales non-existent at times.
A lost sale can be crushing to the ego.
But making a strong habit of focusing on the good things will make you a better entrepreneur. I promise.

2- I used to get up and check my emails and messages asap. This created more stress than it relieved actually.
What I thought was productive use of my time was a drag on my time.
Unless you have specific clientele that need access to you 24-7, skip the immediate check of messages in all formats.
Focus instead on income producing activities.
If you get paid to write, write.
If you make money closing deals or life insurance policies, then by all means close them asap. Hit the day with a focused mind and a plan- and that will produce income faster than seeing how many followers you gained.

Why will this create immediate success?
Because you will have changed your outlook and perspective, as well as laser targeted what will really make you money.

Time is the most valuable and precious commodity, so make sure you are using it right.

Live Brolic!

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