Netflix is Expensive

2 Nov

Now hear me out.

I know it’s under $10 bucks…
I know it’s an incredible value…

However, an hour spent daily on netflix is killing your website, business, income, your DREAM.
Anything that is not an income producing activity is a waste of time.
Now before the self help gurus and kindle book pushers attack me in the comments section – let me explain.

I read daily.
I meditate too.
Both activities help center and educate me.
Do they produce income by doing them?
Yes, indirectly.
I am a firm believer in building myself as an entrepreneur and leader.
I know that this is the cornerstone of my empire.

Netflix though- does nothing for my bottom line.
Time to de-stress is one thing.
Watching endless sitcom reruns and sharknado is another.

Ask yourself this question- How much of my time is spent on income producing activities?

Now I’m not talking about your day job.
I mean the time that is free from responsibilities.

Are you spending 3 hours a day
Creating content,
Pitching deals,
Closing sales,
And so on.

If you aren’t but you see television daily for 2-6 hours then your process and probably your product are hinky.

Now tell yourself this:
I have 20 minutes a day to build my network, empire, and create value.
I have 20 minutes a day to shape my vision of my future.

Do you need help with seeing your vision?
With mapping it out?
Do you need content?
Do you need product?
Let’s chat.

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