Are Fees More Valuable than Feedback?

11 Dec

Are Fees More Valuable than Feedback?

A lot of us want the money. the dollars, the cheese, the dinero. And there is no shame in that. Any businessman who is honest with him or herself knows its true. Even when I help a client expand their reach, the value I create for myself or the commissions I reap are still awesome. When my clients win I win. When my partners gain I gain.
However I want to ask if you, my invaluable readers have a sale or paypal button and a feedback button?
Better yet do you have a Feedback button?

We all pay ’em. Rent, licensing, marketing.
And as much as most people loathe them, they want to collect them equally. Funny paradox huh? See, I used to hate my bills- signing checks, sending money orders- ugh! Too much. But I’ve reached a turning point. Paying bills is kind of cool. I’ve made it to a point where my growth can be measured by my self-sustainability we’ll call it. I’m winning and I see it more and more by both the fees I can pay and those I avoid by being an astute consumer. You see I spend less than I make and though I have debt I’m still winning. However I won’t lie I’d love to increase my income. Who wouldn’t right?
And that being said I love commissions and fees. And they are beneficial. However I have something better in mind-

Feedback stinks. You will be insulted. People will spam you. Offers for cheap Cialis and fake Gucci sneakers will probably flood your comments and feedback boxes. Not to cool I know, but imagine what will rock. Praise, form people who recognize your talent and hard work. Thanks and appreciation form people who like what you have to say and the people you actually help. Every time I get a bad comment I’m not fazed. Its funny actually. However when a flaw is pointed out or a grammatical error- Man oh man do I get pumped! It’s a victory. I’m getting free help. Someone took the time to make me better and that rocks. Even the people who point out flaws with an air of condescension are improving my skills. My mistakes only make me better. And everyone who comments on my site are a blessing. Every single thank you, and positive response I get makes me smile all the way down into my heart. When a trainee catches something, an ahha moment for instance- it makes my day. And if you don’t have a way to harness this raw power, to collect this data- you are losing. Sorry. Everyone who is not open to criticism is a failure. And when you don’t let the positivity in its even worse. Positive affirmations trump all negativity. And the best part of all this: It’s all free.

Both fees and feedback will deliver growth. The fees will recoup expenses and if large enough will enable you to expand your business and even live better. And that is growth in two different ways. That is winning. Once you put in the work the rest is easy. Feedback however will not only create better growth- but it will increase fees as well. As you become better by listening in and improving you will begin to dominate.
Awesome right. Your mindset and posture will change and improve almost overnight.

We’ve discussed both options and I’d say it is pretty clear what you need to do folks. Be open to growth. Be open to letting your potential rise exponentially. Fees as I said rock but the feedback will truly build your brand and free your mind.


“Don’t solicit feedback on your product, idea or your business just for validation purposes. You want to tell the people who can help move your idea forward, but if you’re just looking to your friend, co-worker, husband or wife for validation, be careful. It can stop a lot of multimillion-dollar ideas in their tracks in the beginning.”
Sara Blakely

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