Productivity Plan (no frills, no sales, just facts)

13 Sep

Productivity Plan
(no frills, no sales, just facts)

Productivity not activity my friends. A lot of people will focus on action as that seems to be the best. However do you swim?
Ever tread water?
Yeah, exactly you’re going nowhere. And sure you’re keeping afloat- but is that what you wanted out of life? I bet not.

Average is not our intended purpose and I always say can’t isn’t in a man’s vocabulary. So let’s cover some quick steps to increase your productivity.

-Don’t be on auto-pilot.
Have you got your game plan? Are you running through the motions. Don’t. We all have needs and goals and a system at work. Learn yours.
More on this here:

-Self development plan.
You have to grow. Period. You don’t, your income doesn’t. Your quality of life doesn’t. Your business, yup it won’t either. Momentum can take you places. No question. However if you don’t grow you will not keep it. Life only works when you work. And your number one goal is to grow yourself. Commit to yourself. When you work on you everything else falls into place.
If you’re winging it chances are at a certain point you will make a bad decision. Skip that. GROW YOU.

-Understand value.
Its not about your perception of value but whether or not you actually add to the market place.
A lot of people think they create value when they do what they like, how they like. I like to write, no question about that- but I want to give back here. So I do my homework. I ask questions. I research. And when a concept comes together that will deliver the value, I write. Value comes in many forms. To make sure you give value- see what people think of what you do, your output and performance.
Taken a step further and its also about what you add to your community. The neighbor who doesn’t care isn’t helping. The one who looks out for you in invaluable. You both gain a friend, an ally and peace of mind.
Get the gist?

-Basic marketing concepts are a must.
I’m still learning these concepts. But without a knowledge of key marketing concepts you will stutter start often.
Know how to reach your target group.
Know your marketing needs and strategies.
Dan Kennedys Ultimate Sales Letter is a good start point.

-Outcome isn’t everything.
Don’t worry about how it ends but how you do. When you focus only on closing you will lose recruits and clients. When all you want is home runs. You will miss a base hit waiting on that perfect pitch. The less I care what happens and more about what I’m doing- the better my results. See the correlation?

-Exercise Daily.
Exercise frees the mind. It clears the intellect to create and comprehend as well. Exercise will also stave off sickness which means you have less down time thus creating more time for business. You can exercise at home.
Get an app, take the stairs, and park further away.
Join a gym.
Any option to increase your physical activity.

-Create a routine.
A simple one you can stick too.
A plan that will increase performance.
This will. Increase value and breed success. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be a marathon. It doesn’t have to be endurance based either. Its not a marathon. Its a habit. Its a tool. An easy routine will ensure success. It will create value. And when you tell people to do this- they will see that you have. And that means- they can do it too! Being able to reproduce what they see is a fast way to increase results.
Make the routine, stick with it, have integrity.


“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”. -Og Mandino

Thoughts? Concerns?
Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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Need ideas?
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Let’s chat.
Want a mentor or maybe the guy who will bounce ideas back and forth with you?
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