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Immediacy, Decisively take Massive Action

23 Jun

Immediacy, Decisively take Massive Action

What does it look like? Here is the simple answer you got a coupon for a CVS or Walgreens or Walmart for free photo if you just use the website today. You got the coupon in the email 2 weeks ago and you did it 2 weeks ago. And you already picked it up 2 weeks ago. You didn’t wait for the last minute. You didn’t put it off even though it’s a small matter of free 8 by 10 photo, a trivial matter best for many people.


13 Sep

You cannot lose unless you quit.

4 Jul

Keeping it simple today folks.
You cannot lose unless you quit.

Life doesn’t become any easier to grasp and implement. A loser is someone who quits pure and simple. When you commit to an action you must follow through.
You may not come in first place.
You may not reach your sales goal.
You may come in third.
Did you give it your all? If so you won. Really folks- If you quit when you saw you weren’t going to get to the top this go round- you are a loser. A lot of life is simply showing up and participating. So if you do those two things to the full measure of your abilities you are a winner.

-Sales is a numbers game. All business is.
Even Obama needs the votes. Its how it works. So if you are aiming to reach the pinnacle and commission like heck- do you quit? No. Because when you do you breed failure and that skews the numbers in their favor not yours. Also when you quit you set a bad example for your team. Why work with a quitter? He/she can’t teach me anything is what people will think. You will lose future sales and recruits as well once people see that you aren’t the winner you claimed to be on facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So why quit and then multiply that loss by an exponential amount. The same exponential loss can be exponential gain. Speak on the lesson you learn in your blogs and social media outlets. Besides adding authenticity to your journey it shows people your human and these people will join you. They will buy from you. There is potential to grow when we lose because failures make winners. It is akin to a baby learning to walk. We’ve all seen it and smiled. They stand then fall on their bottom. They rise and take a few steps. Then use your leg to cheat. Then they fall. Yet as time progresses. They gain balance and a sense of what they are doing- so will you. Also their muscle memory increases and learns. And then they are in their groove. The same applies to you. Success, winning can be habits. If you let them. So turn everything into victory.

-How you lose is winning.
Its true. If you lose a race and throw a tantrum people will disdain you.
If you spit on the winner or break your trophy you reek of ignorance and contempt.
What you do speaks volumes so why let your actions speak pure failure and disgust.
As I’ve said before- ACT AS IF. Act as a winner. Act as a king. Act out your success even in defeat and there is no loss.
If you come in second and the race was close and it was down to the wire- people will remember you. They will cheer you and even your opponents will be drawn close to you.

You cannot lose unless you quit.
Point blank period. There is nothing to think about. Every action and result is a victory if you make it. Every time you are bested teaches you something. Anytime you learn you win. For example you pitched your heart out. To ten ppl today. And the day before. And the day before. And you didn’t get one bite. However if you look at your results you will find answers. You will learn what you should do. You will discover what you didn’t. wrong. It may be the time you asked. It may be who you asked. It could be anything. But these little details allow you to craft your pitch. They allow you to emerge victorious in every instance. So the only question is will you find the victories that exist in every loss or will you quit?


From @ronkarr: The way you position yourself at the beginning of a relationship has profound impact on where you end up #sales #smbiz

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10 Sep

The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity.Victor C

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