Free ebook: The Richest Man in Babylon

1 Jul

Free ebook: The Richest Man in Babylon

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An amazing, mandatory read.

Master your finances and get a great read to boot.

The Richest Man in Babylon is a favorite in my collection and I already own a physical copy so I figured why not get a digital one, and for free?!


24 Jun

The 20/80 Rule Of Effective Thinking – Darius Foroux

23 Jun

Warren Buffett would not be this famous if he didn’t make big bets. And Asimov wouldn’t write 500 books without committing to writing every day. The lives of both men were different, but both were decisive in their actions. And that’s the key to figuring out your ideal thinking/doing ratio.

Cold Showers and Entrepreneurs

23 Jun

Push out content like you needed to breathe

23 Jun

Why You NEED to Quit Your Job

23 Jun

Why You NEED to Quit Your Job.

Chase your future with a reckless abandon

23 Jun

At a certain point it’s either All or Nothing. You have to change the Reckless abandon. But does that mean we don’t have a plan? Know you need a plan does that mean we just go willy-nilly let whatever happens happens and assume we’re going to win? No going to make careful Corden plans and work for the better good of what we’re trying to get. If you were trying to become an Olympic medalist and you need to just go all in there is nothing else there is another life.

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