Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov

Be blessed.


Watch “Zombie apocalypse freebies” on YouTube

22 Nov

STOP Screaming 10X !!!

22 Nov

Manifesting 101

8 Nov

Manifesting 101

In life sometimes it is literally that simple.

Cadillac’s $1,800 a month car subscription service is shutting down — for now – The Verge

4 Nov

Damn this intrigues me.

I have heard of many companies started this process at different price points and I was curious to see which would flop first. I’m personally and say not only things. For some reason this borrow bag steal land rent and having no personal ownership of the item is against what I stand for. Maybe I’m greedy or maybe I just think I should own what I own and not the company own it and take my dollars.

Comment below and let me know for the only jerk or if this makes sense for you


Elon Musk Says ‘420’ Tweet Was Worth $20 Million SEC Fine

1 Nov


File Manager Pro for Android free

31 Oct

Google Play offers downloads of File Manager Pro for Android for free. That’s a $4 price drop and the best deal found for this app.

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