Quick Sales Tip: Know Your Product

23 Jun

So this should be pretty simple to comprehend but I think a lot of people don’t get it and that’s why they don’t make as many sales and that’s why they lose money.

You have to know your product inside and out. I just spent about $600 to fix my rear brakes, rotors a caliper, brake fluids excetera excetera, and I had no problem telling the guy yes even though for me that’s a fortune and ours I know her and her bill for fortune. However I did not hesitate as the service manager was obviously knowledgeable it did not come with truck did not come across as trying to sell me. He literally offered me factual reasons for the service I was going to pay for and the parts showed me the parts show me how the parts work and explain that in more than one way.

Now let’s apply that: give you so life insurance you need to be able to explain exactly exactly why someone would have a Term Policy as opposed to an index universal life. You would need to know the exact differences and benefits of both plans. Now if you’re selling the term policy you still need to know about the whole life universal life the indexed universal life and so forth. If you can’t explain it easy enough for anyone to understand it then you don’t understand it. Then that my friends is exactly why I will not buy from you and no one else for life. You need to let me know

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