7 Tips to Build THE LinkedIn Super Network

18 Oct

7 Tips to Build THE LinkedIn Super Network

Social networking has increased internet use and become a boon to big and small businesses alike., LinkedIn may just be the most critical as many business owners and decision makers congregate there.  The key to making it work is to not simply connect with your cousins, bros, and frat members, but cultivate, unique and critical relationships with both other business owners and potential clients.

However this Super Network won’t happen in 24 hours.  I’ve got 7 tips to get you the true benefits of a LinkedIn

1. You must Optimize your profile: right out the gate the easiest way to do this is change your profile picture. LinkedIn considers this freshness so to speak and it may help your ranking when others are searching for just what you have or are.

2. Tell people who you are, who you help and how you help them in your headline: If your headline communicates these it will grab a person’s attention. If I don’t read your headline and know exactly what you offer and why I need you and not the next guy in the cue- you’ve already lost me.  Be clear and compelling folks.

3. All current and past work experiences must be filled out: People are always looking for you.  Maybe not you but what you offer and a past acquaintance may be just the thing to swing their vote in your favor. When you list all of your places of employment, including where you went to school, you create a vast net for catching those who are a perfect fit and those who need your resources and skills. Also these connections may be through people you don’t know personally but through other relationships you’ve made.

4. Join targeted groups: This is perhaps the most effective way you will connect with professionals of the same mindset.  These groups are filled with people serious about their LinkedIn network.  These are the folks looking for deeper connections. Participation in these groups fosters a greater exchange of knowledge between you and others.

5. Create a targeted group: Leading a group can give you a certain level of credibility.  It also allows you to connect with serious professionals on your field.

6. Use personal invites: I think these surpass connection requests. This is the first time people hear from you.  So make what they see count.  Be cordial, engaging, and helpful.

7. Endorsements and recommendations go along way: This will enhance your profile.  However done wrong you are self-sabotaging.  Mass/generic e-mail to clients or colleagues asking for written recommendations etc isn’t proper. . 1st, make a list of those who have great stories about you to share.  2nd, contact them personally.  A call is best but a personalized email will do.   Let them know your intentions and discuss how you helped them in the past so they know what story would work best.  Endorsements are the same, and are a simple click of the button too. And don’t forget to let them know you will be endorsing their strong suits, or unique skills as well.

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