Fender Benders, Finance, Freedom and Follow through.

20 Sep

Well folks I’m late with it today because my journey was arduous. Today I had a fender bender. Yup my car was rear ended with extreme prejudice. And while I skipped the hospital run I am in pain. However I am blessed and highly aware of it. Things could have been so much worse and I’m humbled and appreciative. I thank God for protecting me and giving me a quick lesson:

Fender benders, Finance, Freedom and Follow through.

So the accident sucked. The guy was a jerk and went from trying to walk away to threatening me to bribing me to warning me. And he was in his 50s! I expected more but I was kind, cool tempered and by the book. I called my boss, family, and the police. The lesson there- keep your temper always because it will speak volumes for you. By the book saves you. I made it to my training today despite the calamity. And when it ended early I was not required to return to work. My boss set me free to go rest. Talk about blessed! Had I cheated and faked time I may have been caught. My character remained intact, and was rewarded even though it is a reward in and of itself.

On finance people may think I should’ve took the bribe or not called the cops. You know what: did that before- twice. Never panned out well. Also I’m not guilty so my finances will not be impeded. The guy who tried to cheat, well he’s paying. Integrity is its own reward folks.

Freedom. Heck, I just feel free to be me knowing I’m home safe as I write this. I’m shook up, bruised but happy and am still doing what I love.

Which takes me to follow through. Though today was a journey. I still had something to share. I learned so we learn. Life is short, and mine wasn’t shortened today so I’m grateful. And as such I will follow through. With brevity but I am here and I am glad.
Make the most of it folks. Follow through on everything you set out to do


Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential.
~John Maxwell

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One Response to “Fender Benders, Finance, Freedom and Follow through.”

  1. purplechosen21 September 24, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    God bless you mentor! I love you and I thank you! I really appreciate you for this article. I really hope that you write that book soon. Like wow that’s how you should be. I praise God for you and it was only by His grace and mercy that you made it through the calamity. God bless you! More things are in store and all glory belongs to God. So, I’m glad that you thanked God I’m not sure if you have a relationship with Him or whatever the case may be but I commend you.

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