23 Jun

I used to tell myself I was strong enough to have my drinks do my chores and get to work and make overtime too. And you know what I did it for years. And I was able to get promoted to. The only real issue here was that I wasn’t really being affected to my top level of potential. I also wasn’t being the best father to spouse I could be. Now that’s real talk folks I can admit my failures in my shortcomings because I know where I’m going now. The second part of the story is this it is kind of strong to get bent and still handle your business but it’s a lot stronger for me now to want to drink skip the drink and just go home and be successful and useful. Not to mention I’m creating a higher capacity than myself and I’m seeing different thoughts I never had before because my mind in another direction now. Not to say I was ever bad or abusive excetra but I just wasn’t the best Tony I could be. And having a family I realize that my best is the minimum that is owed to the people who I said I would take care of forever.

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