Why am I Afraid?

23 Jun

Hey folks showing a super honest and candid blogosphere Etc cetera post I want to be really sneaking candy with y’all. The question here is why am I afraid? I receive multiple checks for my efforts. I’m so scared sometimes. I’ve proved myself for the last decade as a writer’s be reckoned with at work as a freelancer and I’m more continents than I care to count, it’s only 3 but you get the point. LOL. Sears Little Folks sometimes I think as a writer and as a human in general we are scared of seeing ourselves hit that unlimited, uncapped potential. Life moves real fast and if you’re not willing to take a risk and be scared you will likely lose. I am on the precipice of my perception of greatness and I almost feel Frozen, but big things article has forced me to release content on 50 different sites. Okay, maybe 49.2. I say all this to make sure that my readers and listeners understand that if you don’t take a swing, if you don’t give the back, you are a loser. And that is the word period Followed by the period sign.

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