You can lead a horse to Investments but you can’t make him take stock

23 Jun

Now I’m sure that sells nuts too quite a bunch of you, but it is truth. I have offered free stocks free checking account free cryptocurrency freebitcoin free Ripple, and people still say no because they assume I am some part of a scam or most of the marketing scam or a pyramid scheme or some folks would that they can comprehend. When I will tell you is this I have accumulated a couple hundred thousand free currency that’s crypto, I’ve been able to get free checking accounts free credit cards and I didn’t pay extra fees to have the car so I can screw accumulated bonuses. My basic phone is this if you know what’s good for you financially do it. Some people want to get on it some people tell you when you’re on it and someone I can believe you no matter how good the truth is. When I got in the cryptocurrency I made a 30% return in two days and reinvested it. Did I lose money in theory yes in fact yes. But what I lost was what I gained. So my actual investment is still solid. The bottom line is invest for you help who you can and if they don’t buy into it and let them fall you going to lose time trying to convince people sometimes you have to walk your path alone and was a Walt Whitman I believe you said the path that followed excetera excetera why don’t y’all tell me when you respond to this article peace.

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