Exclusive Interview #4.  Spotlighting Raquel Sweets of http://www.worldwrapfederation.com/

11 Aug

The fourth interview in a series highlighting up and coming entrepreneurs and leaders.
Today we interview Raquel Sweets

And without further ado:

-Where you from?
I’m From The Bx.


-How did you get in the game?
I started promoting records to the DJ’s for Sadaday & 5*4*20 Records.

-What made you embrace your position? When I started doing Scurry Life Dvd, it got me into the labels & I started meeting Major Artist.

-What keeps you in your position?
My constant grind.

-What are your secrets to success?
Staying on my grind everyday. Haven’t had a day off in 5 years. I’m on my Can’t Stop! Won’t Stop! Atleast until I get my infinity pool! Lol! 

-What don’t you like in the game?
I don’t like when certain people in charge force feed you wack artist.

-What do you like in the game?
I like how the game changed. With all the promotional & social networking sites you have more opportunities to promote yourself.

-What would you change in the game?
Just the truthfulness of it! Just because a certain artist makes a track everybody says that’s hot when they know deep down inside it’s just mediocre. If it’s just mediocre I’ll say it!

-If I gave you a milli what or whom would
you invest in?
My damn self! Lol!

-What sets you apart from the game?
I’m not scared to speak the truth! I always call it how I see it & I don’t let up! I work on Christmas, Thanksgiving & even on my Birthday because I know the minute you let up there’s always somebody else grinding for your spot!

-What are your thoughts on 360 deals?
It’s good! Depends on the artist I guess! Records aren’t selling the way they use to. You’re lucky if you can go gold the first week. So in a way the labels have to be able to recoup the money they put out & their not doing it on sales.

-What made you love hip hop?
N.W.A. & Biggie made me fall in love with Hip Hop. I’m married to the Game! I eat, sleep & breathe this sh!t.

-Who is your fav rapper/lyricist?
Biggie & Tupac

-Best person to ever play your position? Hard to say because I play so many different positions.

-Best rapper alive?
Jay Z by default.

-Advice for my readers?
You can do anything you put your mind too! It just takes a lot of time, effort & dedication. And that “I’ll show them attitude”.

-Your definition of success?
Doing what I love & getting mucho bucks for it.

-Any projects you’d like to promo? 
Scurry Life Vol. 10 ft. Brisco, Billy Blue, 40 Glocc, Sadaday, DJ Kay Slay, Young Jack Thriller, Camp Lo, Pete Rock, Bully, Malice Of The Clipse, Oun P, Chaun Don, Sam Scarfo, Spragga Benz, N.O.R.E, Nice & Smooth & Many More Out Now! Scurry Life Vol.11 “Stair Case 2 Stage” Coming Soon Features Rick Ross, Oun-P, Bully, Mona L, Remo The Hitmaker, Sadaday, M.O.P. Black Sheep, Styles P, Pharoahe Monch, Tre Seven & JB. Also Sadaday’s new mixtape T.G.I.S. (Thank God It’s Sadaday) Out Now. And make sure & check http://www.worldwrapfederation.com it gets updated everyday & I keep it poppin’ S/O to all my Scurry Life DJ’s They drop mixtapes every week.


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  1. witty quotes February 11, 2014 at 2:59 pm #

    There is definately a lot to find out about this issue.
    I really like all of the points you made.

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