Five Must-Know Verizon Shortcuts

4 Nov

Five Must-Know Verizon Shortcuts

The answers to people’s most common questions are available right on your phone.

Want info about your account right now, but you can’t able log in to My Verizon- try using one of the #Features listed below. They’re air time free, and you’ll even get a free text message with the information. Just dial # and the number, then hit SEND.

#MIN (#646)—Check your current month’s un-billed airtime usage. You’ll get an estimate of minutes used since your last statement date to within the past 24 hours. If you’re on a Family Share Plan, stay on the line to hear your Family Share Plan minutes after your individual minutes.

#BAL (#225)—Check your account balance and when your last payment was received.

#DATA (#3282)—Wondering how much text, picture and video messaging you’ve done? Check in for an estimate of your usage.

#PMT (#768)—Need to make a payment? You can, right from your phone.

#UPG (#874)—Longing for a new phone but not sure if you’re due for an upgrade? Call to see whether you’re eligible.

These simple options will keep you on track and within your budget.


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