499 Words (AKA 500 Words To Get Google Approval OF Your Your Blog?)

19 Feb

Google likes 500 Words.
Google weights your blog posts greater when they are 500 or more words.
Google likes 2 pages times new roman double spaced.
Okay maybe the last one is bullsh*t but you see I remember writing those small papers and they were always 2 pages times new roman double spaced.
No Courier New font, no size 13 font et al.
Laugh if you will but college was cagey fun.
And those little papers that I hated became a chore after I realized it was harder to cap myself at 500 and not just let my pen flourish, well keyboard actually.
But over time it was true. I was always a writer, but college papers and procrastination made me a great writer.
And I can hear the people calling me names. And it may be true if you don’t see what I mean.
My point is that I made myself the best writer I could be. It doesn’t mean I’m amongst the elite. Quite the opposite.

Now onto Google.
Google likes blog posts of a certain length.
500+ words sets a trend. It makes things better so they say. It adds validity. Credibility. Shows your serious perhaps.
And to an extent I can agree.
Anyone can type 50 words. Heck twitter is 100 plus characters and people go nuts.
Add a hash tag (#) and you may be the trending top of the week (aka #tt).
Is length really an indicator of greatness though?
Does length equal greatness?
Maybe in an Extenze commercial. But in the writers world I’d wager it doesn’t. And if you’ve seen some of the books that sell to the high heavens on Amazon’s Kindle you know that a 100 page book, sometimes less, can sell a few hundred thousand copies with ease.
Victory, sales, whatever you want to call it, whatever you need- won’t always be found in meeting Google’s quota.

Quality isn’t found only in specific quantities or large sets of words. Not that 500 is a lot of words per say, but you get the point. Many soliloquies are not long. Haiku’s- well, you get the point. Quality is found in many forms and so it goes with blogging.
Not every blog post need be long.
Lately I’ve used infographics on two of my blogs as I see the pure potential and potency in letting images speak for themselves.
I’ve also used a new format I dubbed the “quick tip”. I focus my mind and thoughts into a concise post or rant and simply post away. Not everyone wants to read my magnum opus (did I say that right?).
I’ve had great success with this format too.
I like it, they like it.
My blog wins, my readers win, Nice.


“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right” –Napoleon Hill

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Questions? Think I’m wrong?
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