Mint State vs. Proof Coins

15 Dec

Modern Coin Wholesale Blog

A lot of new coin collectors simply want to know the difference, and they ask “What exactly is the difference between U.S. Mint and Proof coins?”, or what does “Brilliant Uncirculated and Deep Cameo/Ultra Cameo mean”?

These are great questions and if you are asking them it probably means that you are on your way to becoming a great coin collector! Hopefully this article can help you to learn the key difference between these two types of coins.

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Proof coins are easily distinguishable by looking at the background of the coin, because it looks like a mirror. It is finely polished and should have no blemishes. The raised part of the coin is matte which gives the coin an eye catching contrast.  When Proof coins are struck they are made with specially polished dies that give the resulting coin a mirror-like finish. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has termed this finish…

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