My Judgement Day

29 Jan

Another great read from Wendy Day.
Read, learn, grow.

Wendy Day

I just found this old article that I wrote in March of 2009, and thought I share it with all of you today:

My Judgment Day

By, Wendy Day from Rap Coalition (

Today was the first really warm day in Atlanta—warm enough to drop the top on the Beamer. I was riding through an upscale, white suburb of a suburb of Hotlanta, about 40 miles north of the city, up by the lake. There was an old Impala chasing me…it was clean! Gorgeous rims, sound system to rival mine, and in great shape. I wasn’t nervous at all about being chased, as I was coming from the firing range and therefore perfectly safe. He pulled up beside me at a light. I had to turn Jeezy down to hear him. He saw my PacNBig license plate. He wanted to know if I liked rap—he was kinda half…

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