Is your phone your master?

20 Aug

So I’ve been driving around lately and thinking and I realize I dictate a lot of my articles into my phone email myself and see if I was there more than one format. Attorneys blogs podcast fodder and just enjoy it.

So when I get home and I’m sitting there checking my Instagram going to repost but I just hit the like, I’LL repost it later…

Now 3 hours, more like 3 days go by when I forget to post the post. You know, I didn’t blog the blog. I didn’t post the writing that I wrote. Just a little wordplay there folks.

Now this isn’t rare for me and I bet it isn’t for a lot of my readers. It isn’t so much that we’re lazy it’s that life gets in our way. Whether by the family,

the toddler,

the bill-paying day,

the laundry, the list goes on and on.

Now we can excuse that for sure- we’re all adults so he might not be but you get the point we all have things to do in life. The real issue here is though I could have done this from my phone while I was on the potty while I was in between traffic lights while I was getting ready for bed etc etc.

Let’s take it back the Article’s title: Is your phone your master?

Now if your phone isn’t your master you could have completed this task within 4 hours. And I’m generously adding time for dinner lunch and chores. But if your phone is your master you waited the four days will the three days excetera excetera. So I ask you again is your phone your master? If it is get rid of your email updates in notifications xcetera. Focus I’m only checking the phone for things that make you money or that avoid you losing money like Bill Pay announcements or offers to make you money. And folks if you have a hard time doing that we have a bigger problem than I can fix in this blog but let’s chat anyway. for, likes or help peace.

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