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Quote 22 Jun

It’s time to take another look at the odd and unusual credit card crimes making the news.

Dumb Luck and a Pack of Smokes Lands Credit Card Thief in Jail


Prepare to be outraged. If you’ve ever traveled with a large sum of money, police can legally confiscate it. It’s a burgeoning trend known as “policing for profit,” and law enforcement agencies are using it to bolster their budgets. George Reby, a New Jersey-based insurance adjuster was pulled…

30 May

Car Crime: Cops Can Confiscate Money And Property From Law Abiding Citizens(via @Jalopnik)

Image 29 Jan

Arrests at Occupy party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn  – NY Daily News
(Click pic for article)

Link 23 Jan

Supreme Court:
Warrant Needed for GPS Tracking

Image 9 Nov

Police Use of Global-Positioning Devices Questioned by U.S. Supreme Court.
By Greg Stohr

Image 13 Sep


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