8 Quick steps to success in your Venture.

22 May

8 Quick steps to success in your Venture.

So a lot of people I come across day to day are in direct marketing or similar ventures. Some of you also sell life insurance or own small businesses such as pastries for parties or car washes on the go.
And everyone is looking to increase sales, and convert your maybes to yes’ or to business partners.
Well below I’ve listed 8 simple steps to get you there.

If you don’t motivate your team they won’t get anywhere. Sales don’t get closed, members aren’t recruited, and conversions don’t convert. All people need something to motivate them and monet works but add something in to spice it up. A contest, a goal, anything. And lastly- you have to motivate yourself. If you are not motivated your team won’t be.

-Lead by example.
This is a pet peeve of mine. If you don’t do it they won’t. I’ve had a few bosses that required but didn’t. And for my coworkers and I this was quite horrendous. It was a self defeating action on the bosses part. Workers, partners, trainees-Everyone wants to follow the leader. Everyone needs the example you set to show the way and to get them fired up. When you lead by example you are a leader.

Inspire your team. They should want to come to meetings and leave fired up to return. When you walk in the room you should blaze a path that sets everyone alight and makes them want a part of you. A piece of your mojo if you will.
Find what inspires you, perhaps its your WHY- and focus on it.

Simply put teach. Find people who need you. people who want to succeed and simply need a push. Make a list of these people and help them systematically. A mentor doesn’t tell you what to do. They show you. And more importantly: THEY HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE. (More on accountability in a later post)

Get them there. A coach is a leader and a coax-er. A coach squeezes that last but out of a team member and then helps them find more. Coaches get you past the finish line. A coach gets his or her team to the next goal. And the next one. Remember positivity- trumps anger, yelling, and put downs.

Your team includes you. All members work all members gain. Whether you are the leader, the boss, the gofer, or any member- you have to put the work in. Everyone has to give equally. Participate to your fullest. And as Lou Ferigno would say: ‘Give a hundred and ten percent. Every time. All the time.’

Do you have a vision?
Does you team have a collective one that encompasses all their unique goals needs and visions?
If so great. Awesome. Simply say it aloud at every meeting or group outing at least twice: at the opening and closing.
Don’t have a Vision?
Get out the white board and flow chart the groups perceptions of what a vision is first. After that repeat the flow chart process to obtain the actual Vision for the group.
Your group Vision should be dynamic, successful, and attainable.
A Vision is a form of a Goal and goals are the foundation of success.

And the last and final step:

Get it done folks.

Need help?
Want a mentor?
Help with conversions?
Or simply have comments-
Let’s chat.

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