Are you making money yet, The problem with auto-ship, And the millionaire mindset.

5 Jun

Alrighty people. We have discussed how you get to the top. The process of it and a lot of the little things that make it all come together. And by no means have we covered it all. I’m sure as I #thriveorsurvive so will this blog and as that develops so will those of you who have come along for the ride.

So now let’s deal with 3 problems I’ve had and others do to.

-“Are you making money yet?”
Now if you are in direct marketing, mlm, and so on you have heard this. You’re on fire, you’re taking all the steps your mentor suggested, and then the dreaded question.
“Are you making money yet?” Ouch. Are you? A lot of people aren’t in the first 90 days. A lot are still working to learn material or get ahead. Now I know a lot of people are saying- Not me! I made money asap Tony! And I salute you. You are some of the few. And a dose of reality for my readers: a lot of US have to work at being independently wealthy. And that’s ok. That’s normal. Its actually kind of cool to me. I earn every dollar I do my way.
So next time you get the dreaded question keep that in mind. And as for how you answer- simple.
“I couldn’t actually tell you how much I’ve made yet as I’m in it for the residual income and that means its ongoing.”. See how easy. You DIDN’T lie. You didn’t sell the hype. You told a FACT. The one FACT you and all prospects should be focused on. Because the quick buck is for hustlers. Let the card sharks make the fast money. Let them trim the suckers in pool halls etc. See successful people know that it takes time and effort. Oh, and HARDWORK. To make it to the top you work, and work, and work. Then you blitz! And work some more. And if done right you achieve your dreams and become a success. So don’t lie to prospects. Don’t hype new recruits. Simply tell them what we all need to hear upfront- THE TRUTH. Those who don’t join will refer. And most importantly your reputation will be stellar. And that has infinite value.

-The problem with autoship. So you are hyped! The business of your dreams is in front of you. You signed the paperwork. And now you have to pony up the dough every month for your autoship. Quick recap- autoship is a required purchase in most mlms and or direct marketing ventures. It is monthly and your residual income may be predicated on its purchase.
So with that explained, back to the money. So you are buying your product aka autoship monthly. And at first the excitement makes the autoship irrelevant. But now maybe you find your putting money out monthly and you haven’t made equal if any commissions. You got into this venture for the cashflow, the dinero, the big bucks. And now you feel like why should I buy products when I want to earn money. This seems to be the antithesis. And at last you have found the problem with your venture. So you leave and find the cheaper one. The better one. The closer one. Know what the problem with autoship was? YOU. Ask Warren Buffet, it takes Money to make Money. PERIOD.
If you opened a car wash- you lease land, buy soap, and pay for the water. Oh and you have to pay those pesky employees.
McDonalds- you need a million to get the appointment to be considered and another mil to sign the dotted line. In any and every business you will INVEST money. You will INVEST time. But you are not lining your uplines pockets. You are building your future. Your DREAM.

-Lastly, do you have the Millionaire Mindset?
By this I mean simply are you ready to struggle? Because in business you will have lean times. Every stock goes down.
Do you know that it will be work? You can’t build a house without digging the foundation. It won’t stand. Are you ready for the grunt work that leads to being the general?
Are you going to put in the hours. Its your business. You are the boss yes, and you are also the employee. You will be the receptionist, garbage man, chauffeur, salesman and dog walker. And you will also solely reap the rewards. What YOU put in YOU get out. A millionaire mindset means you don’t treat your business as a hobby that might make you money. The millionaire mindset means WORK. Look at it like this: if you had eight employees. You would share the work with them and delegate right? And you would have to split the profits too. The beauty here is you KEEP 100% of the profits. You work you eat. The millionaire mindset expects success. It expects prominence.
The millionaire mindset knows you have to give; tithes, charity, you name it. But there must be a desire to help others as well. When you help others achieve you invariably receive.

Questions? Thoughts? Concerns?
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Remember we #thriveorsurvive.
You choose.

“Many people don’t see success because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

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