6 Jul

Ever notice that people aren’t willing to let others success simply be?
I was talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Olympic bodybuilders with some coworkers. And you know what the common theme and first responses to my holding these men in such high esteem was?
‘Yeah he roided up.”
‘You can’t get that big without cheating.”
‘Steroids kill.’
And finally-
‘He couldn’t do that naturally.’

Now the use of steroids isn’t the issue for this article. My three points of contention are as follows:
-People hate/are jealous without rhyme or reason.
People will hate you. Simple truth. Hate and anger are usually internal issues turned outwards. And what that means is that most people will find a reason to hate you. And the greater you become the more hate you will garner. As with the Schwarzenegger issue. People found reasons to hate his success. They slandered and denigrated the man. It was simple. This man was a foreigner who rose. And people will hate you like they hated him. Assuming he did wrong and or cheated to the top is callous. For him to even make the steroids work requires the effort, diet, and time in the gym. Sorry I’m not an advocate for steroids but I know a thing or two about working out and you have to put the work in.

-The people you are with don’t always edify you.
Its sad but true. A lot of people we are close to don’t feed our greatness. And in life, what you put in you get OUT. So if your friends are always downplaying your creativity- cut them loose. If your boss denigrates you repetitiously- get a new job. Or you start your own business in any case you have to remove those people who don’t build you up. No- You MUST separate yourself from those who won’t increase your value.

-The people surrounding you bring negative vibes that may stave off results- you know, success, wealth, happiness. The good stuff.
Sorry to say but naysayers ruin momentum. Fools bring ignorance. And a doubting thomas may cause you to doubt yourself. These people come across in many forms and mentalities. And many come in the guise of friends, family, and even business partners. You are probably surrounded by more negativity than you see. A lot of people you have been in the trenches with. And a lot hide their negativity. Learn to avoid both. How you say? Simple. Watch patterns. Time behaviors. Everything you need to know about the negative nicks is there. You only have to be willing to believe it. Will you?

In life many people want you to fail. Some people think they need you to fail. I say you only have the chance to succeed.
And as I always say- Hate is Love.


You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. – Henry Ford

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