Fear is Useful

30 Jul

Fear is useful.
(When you know what to fear.)

Remember the Boogeyman? And how he came every night whether you saw him or not? Or Freddy Kruger and Jason? These guys scared the bejesus out of me when I was real young, and many of you too I bet.
See fear is a natural occurrence. We need it. Some people say they are fearless I say that’s foolish. Fear can ruin your life or build your drive to succeed and its simply a matter of whether you master it or not.

-What is fear?
Fear is a response to external and or internal factors and actions. Most of us are afraid of pain. And pain is simply your body warning you to certain permutations and facts. As a recipient of a few broken bones and surgeries I know first hand that at times fear can paralyze you. However if you seek the calm point in you it is an ally. Fear is basically your response to things. Nothing else. However fear can cripple and incapacitate or build and renew.

-Know what to fear.
So we touched on fear being useful. Fear is useful, it is the beginning of wisdom says the Bible in the book of Proverbs and there is truth to that. Being afraid to die can give you a certain center that will enable you to not make ignorant choices. However you have to know what to fear. Fearing red ants is pointless. Fearing success is as well but many people are too afraid to take the steps that lead to pure, unbridled success. If you are afraid of meeting new people, building connections, and or closing sales- don’t quit your day job. Being your own boss comes with a huge magnanimous serving of failure. However when you fear failure you don’t SUCCEED. The key here is to fear not reaching your potential.
You should fear not rising to your potential. You should fear not giving back because you didn’t meet your level. We all have the ability to rise. And while we won’t all be olympic medals we are all entitled to and I dare say required to be our best.
What do you fear?
Why do you fear it?
Conquer your basic fears and move forward.
Can you imagine still being afraid of the dark? You’d get nowhere.
Afraid of the dentist?- I bet you go though because the potential downside is horrendous. And if you avoid the dentist now he will see you more later- CONQUER!

-Harness the power of fear.
In life I’ve been scared of roller coasters, heights, girls, and success. And I had to harness that fear to beat these things that scared me. For rollercoasters I simply let my brother in law shame me until we got on every ride in the park! And after I yelled like a little girl I learned that I actually liked rollercoasters. For heights I beat that by accident. I had to climb a rope ladder repaeatedly when a wild animal almost attacked. While I dislike heights now I won’t lose due to fear. As for girls when we were younger one of my closest friends and I made a deal that we would take turns talking to every pretty girl we saw on our troop home. And it worked! We not only beat the fear but conquered it and realized how easy it was. And for the younger fans and readers- the girls are just as nervous.
When it comes to success I simply force myself to do it. I won’t be in a j-o-b forever. And I make a point to tell people my goals. Not to brag but to hold myself accountable. That way if I say two days it has to be less- otherwise I hear the junk and look inefficient. And I refuse to be less than I am. Do you feel the same?
Conquer People!


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  1. Motivation July 30, 2012 at 4:40 am #

    Definitely agree with what you stated. Your explanation was certainly the easiest to understand about “Fear is Useful”. Thank you.

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