Why you NEED a Blog and HOW to Blog

9 Aug

Why you NEED a Blog and HOW to Blog.

So I’ve heard the same question I asked before in many different ways-
Why blog?
Do I need a blog?
How do I blog
Why would people read my blog?

There are billions of people on this planet and many of them are looking for the same. answers you are. And many people are looking for guidance to get there. Now you don’t have to be at the top, but you do need to know the basics. And as such, let’s explore them.

*Step 1:
Never blog about what you don’t know or can’t sell.
If u hate math, blog about anything else. If you aren’t intimately involved with a subject then you are wasting your time and your readers time. Know your subject matter. You don’t need a degree, but you need to be able to create cohesive content that isn’t convoluted but easily comprehended.
I will say that you could just rant and rant and be a pedantic ass as well or instead of. However it does nothing to help you sell YOU. Or your brand. Or your product. Or your mission. What it will do conceivably is draw attention in droves or sink you faster than the Hindenburg. You see the guy with a lot of opinions, and no facts or smarts- isn’t helping anyone. He just wants to be heard.
A good blogger isn’t always seen but his stats increase, his targeted market improves, and the fans, friends, and followers come back for more. So you can be Howard Stern, but I’d rather share insight and grow intensely. What do you want?

*Step2: Keep It Simple Stupid.
Yup, KISS works. Don’t be insulted just appreciate the simplicity. Your readers will too. Less is more when you are educating consumers and or edifying partners. Both groups want and need a simple system to emulate. They both want success. So layout a plan that isn’t convoluted or too brainy. I’ve known quite a few marketers who forget that what they have mastered- is a foreign language to their recruits. Start from the beginning. Stephen Hawkins is brilliant. An unparalleled genius. Yet his true strength lies in his ability to take complicated topics such as astrophysics, chaos math and other sciences and break them down for the common man. His books can teach you things college can’t. Because his methods and word choice is cohesive in such a fashion that a twelve year old can grasp it.
This is the goal. I don’t care if you’re Good Will Hunting or MIT’s finest. If you can’t reach the people you have failed.

*Step3: Repeat this process.
Every article, every blog, every time. Let it be simple. Let it be fun. Do your best and recreate great material. The process is is what you put into it.

*Step4: Enjoy yourself.
You should relish every step. Every blog post. Have fun. Its all yours.

*Bonus concept:
Solve problems.
When you can see what people need and supply the way or show them the path to achieving you will have the team of your dreams.


Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not… into action. — Napoleon Hill

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